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Example sentences for ought

Whatever is the defining idea of the next decade, it ought to be free.
If the oceans came primarily from comets, the proportion ought to be closer.
There ought to be an immediate ban on the use of chimpanzees.
There ought to be more supervision of the fast-food joints.
Every drop of rain that falls in this thirsty part of the country ought to go in the land.
In other words, different diagnoses ought to reflect different disorders.
We ought to be asking a different question altogether.
We'd then be able to say, there's something community colleges ought to fix.
In the process, it will reinvent our concept of what personal computing is, has been and ought to become.
Participants ought to meet the following requirements:.
But that-with one hand tied behind their back-is precisely how democracies ought to fight terrorism.
Tobin has written a history of flight that ought to become the standard for his generation.
So whatever shape the dark matter takes, such as a ring, it ought to carry galaxies with it.
There ought to be a medium beyond the limits of the universe into which it can expand.
The line between science, magic and sheer fun is a thin one and that ought to be exploited.
But it ought to be strongly pointed out that this story is incomplete because it excludes adjunct instructors.
Watch a close encounter and decide whether it ought to be outlawed everywhere.
So, any of you who are too upset about what someone else is doing with their tattoos really ought to find a new hobby.
Users are urged to watch the ads online, and then select the programs during which they think the ads ought to run.
Private tragedies ought not to be the stuff of public moralizing.
Where spending, borrowing, and net imports will all grow-the opposite of what everyone agrees ought to be happening.
When you're solving mysteries, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt ought to do it.
We really ought to try salting our opinion with a little objectivity when it comes to natural and cultural history.
And according to some, that's the way it ought to be.
At first blush, shares ought to be a good hedge against inflationary pressures.
Anyone who thinks it isn't ought to park their car in the sun for a few years.
Nothing in this opinion should be read to take a position on where that balance ought to be struck.
Whether it reshapes the discipline or proves merely to be the flavor of the decade, a professor ought to know about it.
As society grows healthier, spending on disability benefits ought to fall.
Others think time ought to be promoted rather than demoted.
Members of the crowd ought to have a variety of opinions, and to arrive at those opinions independently.
New information on either side of the equation ought to alter the effort countries make to curb emissions.
Two prominent defenders of science exchange their views on how scientists ought to approach religion and its followers.
It suggests that, with proper management, it ought to be possible to rebuild the world's fisheries.
If your viewpoint can't hold it's own w/o insults, perhaps you ought to research your topic better.
Pick a portfolio of these funds, and the resulting returns ought not to be too bumpy.
Big trucks ought to be the easiest, actually, to convert to hybrid.
But this ought to be long enough to get a snapshot of the molecule's structure.
Perhaps you ought to be thankful that you weren't born as a dog, rather than reveling in this self-congratulatory drivel.
But that doesn't settle what the terms of the underlying social contract ought to be if our goal is shared prosperity.
Someone ought to proofread these articles for punctuation before they're posted.
Indeed, it ought to be spending more now and revisiting the possibility of a payroll tax cut.
It's likely the skeptics, though they may not have defined it, are mostly concerned about what ought to be done about it.
They say what ought to be done, they whine about what the world has become.
If there is a link between religion and economic performance, then economists ought to have something to say about it.
It would seem that the so-called educational community ought to make a choice.
Any nation as rich as ours ought to guarantee health coverage for all of its residents.
In light of those abuses, here are some pragmatic recommendations that ought to be on the table for discussion.
One cannot help thinking that the conflict ought never to have arisen.
On the face of it, shareholders ought to be relieved.
The incident ought to impress the lesson that the dangers of the lakes rival those of the ocean.
Having eliminated one viral disease, the authorities decided they ought to be able to get rid of another: polio.
Considerable sustained purring ought to be audible around town this morning.
To get other corporations to grant you access, you also ought to try some networking.
But maintaining user enthusiasm for the platform ought to be.
Things you could count, he said, you ought to count.
For kids shows to be really successful, they ought to engage the parents, too.
The music promoter turned digital entrepreneur ought to know.
Knudsen said she was told there were limits and consequences to free speech, and that someone as unhappy as she was ought to quit.
It ought to automatically qualify you to receive food stamps, really.
Such people ought to be interns or trainees in real businesses, not wasting time and money on a college campus.
We ought to compare it to other first-world powerhouses.
If there's any in there, it ought to gas off pretty quickly.
The pursuit of knowledge for the benefit of mankind ought not be messed up or tarnished by individual glory.
It ought to be available-mandatory, even-on every phone.
Technically speaking, online social-networking tools ought to be great at fostering these sorts of clusters.
It ought to contain many more, but there is perhaps no other single poem which it would be an error to omit.
Geometry ought to refrain from such a course, in order to give to its structure the largest possible logical unity.
Was never thing that might in ought my woful heart delight.
If you haven't got any moral consideration for yourself, you ought to have some for your position in the community.
Their signatures ought, in my opinion, to have been annexed to their instrument.
It ought not to look overelaborate, even though it is spangled with silver or crystal or is made of sheer lace.
Money is power, and you ought to be reasonably ambitious to have it.
Apparently no profession is beyond the screenwriter's purview these days, however much it ought to be.
Come to think of it, the idea that ideas ought to be free could well be the defining idea of the next decade.
We too often hoard our intellectual resources as if they ought to be used only in service of our students' educations.
Visual cues, including directional arrows, indicate where the misfiled book ought to go.
So this really ought to be a question of how to handle the individual negotiation.
Even anonymous graduate students stuck in some cubicle somewhere ought to get back to you within a couple of months.
Each of my examiners had a different idea about what a comprehensive exam ought to entail.
Rather, they ought to go by the credentials of the applicant.
To an educator a lot of that list ought to sound pretty good.
Someone of your background really ought to apply to a four year college and forget community colleges.
They ought to embrace the governance that they've given us.
If that was the case, the producers ought to be practically rejoicing now.
It ought also to worry those millions who, as savers and borrowers, are consumers of the industry's products.
The errors and multiple entries that plague existing systems ought to be purged.
But they have an enormously long way to fall, and ought to be cushioned by the media conglomerates of which they are a part.
In a democracy, the party that offers the public more of what it wants ought to win elections.
They ought to demand extra yield as compensation for the risk.
Such a revolution ought to be obvious enough to dissuade others from writing about stagnation.
In some cases, the law insists that directors ought to know about dodgy goings-on, even if they do not.
Perhaps a shifting official view ought not to surprise.
What went wrong, how things were handled and how they should have been-all this ought to be understood by now, you might think.
We ought to try to understand these dynamics in detail.
Its sun shield, composed of five layers of aluminized polymer film, ought to do the trick.
In doing so, he found that there ought not to be any patterns.
Thus, it ought to be possible to average out the small waves.
Science is interested in what actually is, not so much in what people believe ought to be true.
Nonetheless, they should fix it and someone ought to bring it more directly to their attention.
Reasoning from a false premise is a gross breach of logic, as you certainly ought to know.
Any honest skeptic ought to walk away from evolution laughing.
There ought to be huge trailer mounted generators and or pumps mounted on rocket launcher sized trucks available.
It is continuing expanding at an accelerating rate, as opposed to the thinking that it ought to be contracting.
The result ought to be a mutant mulch but is almost always a louche and canny delight.
He doesn't quite say that the world ought to be run by economists, but he comes pretty close.
It penalizes companies for doing what they ought to do.
The promotion of freedom and democracy in and around these alliances ought to become an important policy objective.
Rabbis ought to know better than to cherry pick among the reasons for earthquakes.
It ought to apply to any peer group perceived by strangers.
And that failure ought to merit space in every essay on the disposition.
We're not opposed to a shutdown showdown, but the policy stakes ought to be worth the political investment.
It lacks any authority to describe the way things ought to be.
In that case, they ought not be flying in the first place.
Obviously, the destruction of any neurons ought to negatively affect the mice.
But the tube feet move about a lot, so they ought to pick up light from almost all directions.
The question is whether animal research ought to continue.
They could rely on their own experiences to figure out something was up and ought to be pounding their politicians for solutions.
The final scientific papers ought to report raw data but depending on the journals, you summarize and interpret the raw data.
The gamers ought to be given credit in the nature article, even if only mentioned by their gaming handles.
They ought to be testing whether they understand it.
The economic and national-security arguments ought to have been powerful enough.
One of the lessons is you ought to fess up to your problems right away and try to confront them.
Any variations ought to be entirely random since the universe must be the same everywhere.
Numerous studies show that stock market prices are not random and this implies that they ought to be predictable.
It's easy to think that proteins ought to fold more quickly as they cool down and then unfold more quickly as they heat up.
Various economists argue that the efficiency of a market ought to be clearly evident in the returns it produces.
He plotted brain size against number of contacts and extrapolated to see how many friends a human ought to be able to handle.
Astronomers first create a model of the galaxy and work out how each part of ought to be moving relative to us.
If this were the whole story, proteins ought to be more stable at lower temperatures.
However, the key point is that the reflected waves ought to be modulated by any changes in the electric field within the plasma.
And such a mission ought to be relatively cheap and relatively easy to deploy.
If so, these bruises ought to be visible today in the cosmic microwave background.
So the horizon ought to look as if it is generating quantum particles.
We ought to check carefully whether greenhouse gas emissions really would be reduced by going nuclear.
The reward of a great program running flawlessly ought to give programmers pause.
Finally, it ought to be said that these volumes have been admirably produced.
But in fact, this is one matter where both parties seem to be in agreement: there ought not be any real accountability.
But the discussions ought to start right away because even under extreme pressure they will take a long time to conclude.
But since sentences ought to be intelligible and thoughts ought to be expressible, this difference is not so great as it looks.
The leopard ought to know better than to think he can change his spots.
He really ought to be asking himself why he has been bothering about my work so intensely, and for so many years.
There are, after all, many experimental observations that are flawed for one reason or another and ought to be discounted.
If he does believe that, he ought to be willing to defend that rather extreme position more directly.
No human experiment ought to continue if its scientific justification has been undermined.
They ought to be integrated into the life of a city and its people.
The fuming magicians with their fusty deceits ought to stop griping and get with the times.
It is you who ought to mind your lecturing and correcting.
We ought to preserve the core idea even when applying a word metaphorically.
Let me tell you some parts of the bill the president signed and then some things that aren't in that bill that ought to be in it.
And some things that are in it that ought to not be in it.
The well-being of the family ought to be primary in the new vision.

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