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All positions are tenure-track except where otherwise noted.
Otherwise the economy may suffer a deep recession which will cut the tax revenues governments need to service their own debt.
Unless otherwise noted, the compounds mentioned below are in the early stages of human testing.
The housing is too cheap and the folks are too kind for it to be otherwise.
Store cookies at room temperature unless recipe directs otherwise.
Otherwise it's all down to bad guys and good guys, which is really boring.
It's a taxable but otherwise free perk at my college.
The results confirmed that despite the otherwise pristine appearance of the marsh, oil residues remained.
Even so, thousands of law-enforcement officers on our streets are being told otherwise.
The resulting multiple perspectives provide possibilities that might otherwise not have been.
Otherwise your insurance value relative to the cost of the extra hardware doesn't make it worthwhile.
Photography brought the remote world close and made it possible for people to see what they might otherwise never have seen.
The only problem is, there's no basis for this rule, scientific or otherwise.
Anyone who pretends otherwise is fooling themselves.
The animal was found to be fatigued and dehydrated but otherwise healthy.
It is not a likely event, otherwise the clear relationship empirically observed wouldn't happen.
They're also abundant at the market, farmers' or otherwise.
Spicy sausage, sweet potato, and saffron lend an exotic touch to this otherwise simple chowder.
The blank stares from his students indicated otherwise.
One rogue employee can't easily cause a crippling probe into an otherwise blameless company.
The city's murals can enliven an otherwise drab location.
There must be a physical resistance to the deformation of the pad, otherwise there would be no energy to collect.
The new model is otherwise unchanged: same size, same color line-up and same no screen.
Download the paper application form for potential applicants otherwise unable to submit an application using the online form.
The patent is for the isolated gene and prevents anyone else from studying or otherwise using that particular gene.
The service wants to put shiny new iron on the tarmac, and it would go out of business before it would do otherwise.
He starts from the observation that even those who are otherwise paralysed can sniff.
Otherwise an introduction could threaten other indigenous species and some cash crops.
Recognizing what those adaptations might be could be helpful or otherwise instructive.
Because his losses are capped, he is encouraged to take a bigger risk with his investment than he otherwise would.
Otherwise the elephants pay for the uphill hike with their body reserves.
Flocks or otherwise displaced pigeons can be found far from civilization.
Doing otherwise wouldn't be fair and would change the dynamics of future games.
Otherwise you'll need to fill in the old holes and drill new ones.
But the presumption will now be that a prenuptial agreement is fair, unless proved otherwise.
Presumably the change in appearance tricks foraging birds into eating the otherwise unappetizing ants-parasites and all.
The gate, painted brilliant red, creates a dramatic entry and adds a jolt of color to the otherwise mostly green garden.
Now comes a brave attempt to inject mathematics into an otherwise fashionable subject.
But what really knocked me out was the bottled, tinned, boxed and otherwise packaged section.
Stopping deforestation, by contrast, means paying people for not doing something they might otherwise have done.
Adding architectural molding in an otherwise ordinary room, allow the opportunity to diversify color ideas.
These tiny granules absorb water that would otherwise drain away.
But the otherwise unremarkable experiment yielded an unexpected bonus.
Females are slightly smaller, but are otherwise indistinguishable from males.
But in cancer cells this mechanism has often been genetically disabled or otherwise broken, allowing tumors to proliferate.
Making the gravy can be the great undoing of an otherwise exquisitely planned and executed holiday meal.
But often, both intuition and news coverage tell us otherwise.
He also reported that the macaques were using a large mirror to view areas of their body they could not otherwise see.
Skeptics say the exams needlessly prevent students who have otherwise completed all their course work.
Many of the texts could have been burned or otherwise destroyed.
Emphasis is on what's new, rediscovered, or otherwise noteworthy.
The comments explaining what makes the books essential geek reading come from reader posts, unless otherwise credited.
If it works, it should be a powerful tool for uncovering biologically important areas that would otherwise go overlooked.
What an incredible, creative transformation of an otherwise daunting space.
In these warm regions rock expands from the heat, making it even less dense than would otherwise be the case.
Even those would not be allowed, by law, to exceed the inflation rate unless local voters said otherwise in a referendum.
Countless books and movies would have us believe otherwise.
Kudos to the editors for publishing this piece on a topic that might otherwise have slipped under the radar.
He's the top aboveground figure in an otherwise underground separatist movement.
But drug dealing will not be over, of course not, no one with half a brain would think otherwise.
Even greenhouse-gas emissions are smaller than they otherwise might be.
Otherwise, carry bottles separately and pour over ice at the picnic.
Otherwise, drive long eyehooks into the studs instead.
Primroses can take full sun in cooler climates, part to full shade otherwise.
In the family's other side yard, the couple removed a hulking tree that shaded an otherwise sunny space.
Berried plants make handsome focal points in the garden, adding bursts of color to otherwise dull spots.
There is no reason why you should be bored when you can be otherwise.
Furthermore, there is no reason why you should be bored when you can be otherwise.
So they permitted an invasion of colder regions that were otherwise uninhabited.
Otherwise, confusion will result either in dictatorship or anarchy.
These large-scale projects are often unrealistic, and otherwise politically impossible.
Blackouts, both planned and otherwise, are affecting daily lives in no small way.
Antimatter cannot be the perfect opposite of matter, otherwise neither would exist at all.
In a time of austerity, then, value for money is even more important than it might otherwise be.
Otherwise, consumers would be better served by many other cars with high mpg ratings.
Many mammals have enzymes in their digestive tract that detoxify plants that would otherwise be harmful.
Otherwise why they are bothered about the species that were extinct million years ago.
Otherwise, he said, the contested delegates should not vote.
What that says is that you have no interest in the truth, because otherwise you would know more than you do now.
But don't count out nature, enhanced or otherwise, yet.
There is more protein in an ounce of soy than there is in an ounce of dead animal flesh, otherwise known as meat.
They need it badly lest injustice prevail otherwise.
After surgery or a skin injury, many otherwise harmless bacteria that live on the skin can infect the wound site.
Otherwise, all that plastic ends up stored in cells of sea life.
Global climate change is real and it is folly to think otherwise.
The researchers also had a control plot, which received some manure but was otherwise left alone.
They employ electronics and a speaker to actively cancel lower-frequency sounds, which are otherwise difficult to stop.
We do so through use of herbicides and pesticides that would otherwise devastate crops.
Sometimes traveling with a coworker can make an otherwise monotonous trip fun.
National parks serve as the main refuge for certain endangered or otherwise scarce creatures.
Often their keen eyes can point out wildlife that may otherwise be missed.
If he speaks during those two days, his plan would get less attention than it otherwise would.
Cubs live with their mothers for about two years-otherwise, leopards are solitary animals.
Several new projects are designed to detect life, intelligent and otherwise, in space.
Cranes also dance, run, leap high in the air and otherwise cavort around-not only during mating but all year long.
Otherwise, the comprehension instruction will not take hold and flourish.
The scientists radiocarbon-dated and otherwise tested fossilized shells in the layered seafloor sediment.
Otherwise, moons are diverse and fascinating worlds unto their own.
Otherwise its effects would wear off as quickly as the alcohol was metabolized.
They also conserve valuable natural resources that would otherwise be used to produce new items from raw materials.
Knit or crocheted, they transform what would otherwise be discarded into cozy winter accessories that brighten the dreariest days.
Best of all, he suffers no fools, credentialed or otherwise.
Otherwise you may see the one you picked up die in a few days, because it has been kept alive by injected drugs.
They are also a marketing gimmick that renders an otherwise indistinguishable product instantly recognizable.
And yet-here's the interesting thing-history suggests otherwise.
But pop culture, digital and otherwise, has always been mined for nicknames.
He almost wants to be mistaken for a lunk, so that he can prove otherwise.
His ambition was to prove that balloons could sail to places that couldn't otherwise be reached.
Their content is largely supplied by unpaid bloggers, who are given a more prominent platform than they might otherwise attain.
If you find this conceit irretrievably silly, the film is unlikely to persuade you otherwise.
Because again, otherwise, there is no point in wasting time with these talks.
If the debate were framed in moral or social terms, the result might well be otherwise.
Otherwise, the political incentive is always to kick deficits down the road.
His or her position is by no means secure, financially or otherwise.
These can be great opportunities to debunk bad thinking that would otherwise go unchallenged.
Although statistically significant, the difference between the two groups was probably unnoticeable otherwise.
The combination can make it impossible for a democracy to fashion real-world solutions to otherwise intractable challenges.
It is easy to see how such a view could deliver comfort to people who have no strong religious beliefs to support them otherwise.
The twentieth century shows the price of thinking otherwise.
Actually, that works out well as otherwise they might interfere with the view of the storm in these shots.
Record-breaking critters are always crawling, hopping, swimming or otherwise locomoting across our radar.
They can also soak up energy that would otherwise be lost during braking, storing it for later use.
Some give otherwise harmless bacteria the ability to cause disease.
Otherwise, multicellular life would be filled with an intolerably high number of defects.
But otherwise, parasites have largely been neglected.
Astrology doesn't work, and anyone telling you otherwise is selling something.
The magazine reserves the right to edit submissions, which may be published or otherwise used in any medium.
Otherwise, you might end up in the nastiest category of conflict there is: a blood feud.
Conventional gas-electric hybrids use batteries to store energy recovered during braking, which would otherwise be wasted as heat.
It also captures energy from braking that would otherwise be lost as heat.
If it is bent or otherwise strained, thus deranging the polymers, they will naturally return to their ordered state.
Many drugs, for example, act on these membrane proteins or otherwise use them to get inside cells in order to do their job.
Then they processed the particles to remove any extra surface charge, which can make the otherwise safe polymers toxic.
If the memes came from many otherwise unconnected accounts, they were likely to be legitimate.
By using the otherwise wasted energy of braking, the hybrids get better gas mileage in the city than conventional vehicles do.
But otherwise, every country is well within its rights to take protectionist steps.
Industrial agriculture has already simplified the otherwise topographically complicated landscape a robot must navigate.
Other than the fact a steroid is a form of stimulation to the cells, would this not work on any mammal or otherwise.
The purpose: to make war as real as possible to people who will never otherwise experience it.
When they are growing abundantly, ramps will often invade otherwise cultivatable land.
Otherwise the sauce will have stolen all the flavor, leaving the truffle itself bland and lifeless.
Otherwise they'd end up next to the mashed potatoes and stuffing.

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