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Example sentences for ostentatiously

While senators voted on that motion, he stood with a clipboard in his hand, ostentatiously noting the name of anyone who voted no.
Several fast-food chains and consumer-goods firms have ostentatiously dropped it from their recipes.
It's also more ostentatiously over the top than anything in the sky.
Before the economy opened up, a chic suit meant one with the label of a state-owned factory sewn ostentatiously on the sleeve.
The government has ostentatiously solicited public opinion about the change.
He then kept regular office hours and maintained an ostentatiously clean desk.
And even wealthy people who are not feeling the pinch may have become more cautious about spending ostentatiously.
They are ostentatiously parsimonious, advertising their determination to keep prices down.
Fish astounds his band mates by ostentatiously vomiting in his hand, which he then sticks in his pocket.
He then kept regular office hours, and maintained an ostentatiously clean desk.
Almost ostentatiously, it seems, the animal turns and looks out over the rocks to the sea.
If my readings are of little value, they have not been ostentatiously displayed or importunately obtruded.
They know that nowadays science ostentatiously disclaims any connection with literature.
Others are ostentatiously wearing firearms outside his rallies.
Equality is ostentatiously exaggerated, and the moderator comes across as the referee.
The royal family lives elegantly but not ostentatiously.

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