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Example sentences for orthopedic

Many orthopedic operations make for a more enjoyable life.
The procedure could be used in plastic, orthopedic and neural surgeries, he notes.
But this is not the only case of pig tissue being used in orthopedic surgery.
The orthopedic surgeon has told us numerous times that he needs to swim as therapy for his condition.
Military should have this basic orthopedic information.
Earlier this year he tore a ligament in his knee which required orthopedic surgery.
Next came the orthopedic cases: people who'd broken their limbs and necks after slipping on the ice.
Many orthopedic procedures can make life more enjoyable.
Its faster to slap out an antibiotic prescription or order an orthopedic insert that insurance will pay.
When a leading orthopedic surgeon offers to operate, her parents are apprehensive.
Orthopedic surgeons inserted three crosshatched screws to temporarily immobilize an ankle shattered by multiple fractures.
Instead, he decided to seek yet another opinion, this time from an orthopedic surgeon.
At that time the orthopedic surgeon and a second opinion told me that that was within the normal range.
The only other option would have been elective surgery by an orthopedic surgeon.
Switching to an orthopedic pillow has seemed to help at night.
He is also a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in arthroscopic repair of the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle.
And orthopedic surgeons report they are under increasing pressure to offer ever more experimental surgery for younger athletes.
Percentage of imaging tests ordered by orthopedic surgeons out of fear of being sued, rather than out of necessity.
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