orthogonal in a sentence

Example sentences for orthogonal

The interplay between solid and void, transparency and opacity, curved and orthogonal forms.
Teaching is pretty much orthogonal to using technology, even if you teach high technology.
On this system, goodness and evil were represented as orthogonal to that lawful-chaotic axis.
In the view above, the main subduction zone where the plate motions are more orthogonal are further south.
They may be admirable, but they are orthogonal to science in general and to evolution in particular.
Science should be orthogonal with religion, which is why agnosticism is actually the only belief that is consistent with it.
Our privacy rights interfere with industry use and sale of data, or are at best orthogonal to the pursuit of further profits.
Orthogonal flow often means rain or snow if mountains or fronts are involved, but not always.
In no time, correctly orthogonal positions are laid down, and the quarreling resumes.
But to suggest they are basically orthogonal is not sensible either.
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