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Example sentences for ornately

Ornately dressed horses rival their riders' splendor.
Females are generally larger than males, but males are more ornately colored, ranging from dark green to lime-colored.
Its magnificently decorated houses have painted facades and ornately carved gables.
Standing beside her obese and ornately decorated husband, the queen looked tiny and fragile.
The hotels in these foodie towns range from a chain airport hotel to an ornately decorated small luxury hotel.
The cathedral is famous for its ornately carved columns.
Guests may order ornately decorated cupcakes for weddings and parties.
Exposed brick walls, ornately tiled floors and over-sized upholstered chairs grace the interior.
Inside, ornately-painted floral motifs grace its ceilings and walls.
The restaurant features a casual setting complete with ornately tiled floors, mirrored walls and sidewalk patio dining.
He added realistically drawn faces and figures, too, making it seem as if there were apparitions in the ornately carved furniture.
On early chalets, wood siding-both vertical and horizontal-is ornately carved and often painted.
Ornately garbed captains join the band in precision drills.
Everyday people enjoyed the conveniences and comforts of these ornately outfitted steamships.
Accessing the balcony are narrow wood stairs with ornately carved foliate wood newel posts.
Ornately carved crossettes survive in the overmantel in this room.
If ornately engraved, they may possess intrinsic value that necessitates preservation in their original format.
Elegant and simple, with an ornately decorated entrance.
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