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Example sentences for ornate

It was an ornate space, with a decorated ceiling and red tiled floor.
It was really ornate with the ivory keys peeling off.
Beyond the ornate gate, only a few outbuildings and the charred corner of his mansion survive.
Other designers use computer software to perfect ornate hand drawings that appear far removed from the digital world.
There was nothing soaring about his oratory, nothing ornate or mellifluous.
It's astonishing to have such ornate refinement in the middle of the stark landscape.
It's not overly ornate-the drinks and bartending are the stars.
Today's school choice discussion is weighed down with ornate words written by people who have never experienced it.
Large, ornate civic buildings often merit a lawn, because they cannot be visually comprehended close up.
His prose was wordy and ornate but also sharp-edged and funny, packing the punch of an old-style broadside.
The resolution is written in a mock eighteenth-century style, ornate and pompous.
These salaried sultans ruled over sprawling conglomerates with elaborate hierarchies and ornate headquarters.
Lee got out of the cab without a word and disappeared into the ornate lobby.
In full glory, it was also lit by lamps of silver or bronze, by candles in ornate metallic or enamel candlesticks.
Many of these historic theaters also feature opulent decorations, priceless works of art and ornate sculptures.
Visitors may wish to pray, but may also enjoy the ornate pagoda-style architecture of the structures.
Its capital is now a cosmopolitan city wrapped in a beautiful, ornate coat of history.
The interior features tapestry-covered walls, ornate chandeliers and wood furnishings.
The ornate public areas include marbled pillars and chandeliers and guest rooms have antique-style furnishings.
Customers enjoy hand-painted murals, intricate mirrors and ceilings and ornate bathroom fixtures.
Graceful rows of columns stretched the length of the basilica, watching over the church's ornate mosaic floor.
While the rest of the tomb is covered with ornate reliefs, the tunnel is almost entirely blank.
Hand-gilded frames were often as ornate as paintings themselves, and that tradition is carried on with this antiqued wooden box.
Balis can be so ornate that they're supported by chains attached to the wearer's hair.
Whether you're a perfume-lover or not, the free tour is worthwhile to see the ornate d├ęcor.
The apartment is a study in opposites where an ornate daybed is offset by the clean lines of geometrically shaped ceramics.
Cobblestone streets with stately mansions, old churches and ornate public buildings abound.
The courtyard walls are capped by an ornate, non-historic wrought iron fence rail with a corner gate.
The tower at left dominates the gabled central section which in turn dominates the less ornate section on the right.
The counterfeit items are markedly dissimilar to authentic cashier's checks and have blue ornate borders on the top and sides.
The park also provides habitat for four species of turtles, one of which-the ornate box turtle-is not aquatic.
To our eyes, such decoration seems overly ornate, even gaudy.
Avoid ornate fonts and fonts where the characters touch.
One of the more notable features in the house is the ornate marble fireplace in the dining room.
Authentic cashier's checks are light green in color with ornate borders.
Authentic official checks have ornate borders on the sides features printed below the top border.
Breeding adults have ornate plumes on their head, neck, and back.
The counterfeit items are markedly dissimilar to authentic cashier's checks and have ornate borders.
Authentic official checks display an ornate border on all sides.
The counterfeit items have ornate borders on three sides.
Authentic cashier's checks also have ornate side borders with a padlock icon embedded in the right border.

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