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Example sentences for ornamented

Every inch was ornamented to catch the light-and the czar's attention.
As a group, dinosaurs were certainly well-ornamented animals.
Sadly, though, some of the media coverage of this well-ornamented dinosaur has been less than stellar.
The style is notable for its highly intricate, ornamented facades.
The inside of his shop was ornamented with two mathematically correct lines of shining coffins up one side and down the other.
The arrivals hall is ornamented with broad-leafed pot plants and wrought iron grilles.
Bases were windowless boxes ornamented with chain link and razor wire.
Illustrated with copper plates, and ornamented with a portrait of the author.
Its back was corrugated and ornamented with ungainly bosses, and a greenish incrustation blotched it here and there.
They ornamented their bodies and buried their dead with elaborate grave goods, presumably to serve them in an afterlife.
Delightful slingback with stylish ornamented strap at center.
Her hair was profusely ornamented with curls and braids of its own rich substance.
The delicately ornamented gas lamps and sweeping spiral staircases preserve an era that has long since vanished.
The richly ornamented building is constructed largely of coral rock.
It is more geometric and architectural than the top basin and pedestal, but it is also ornamented with leaves, in low relief.
The capital letters and headings are ornamented by hand in color.
The entablature is supported by brackets and is ornamented by recessed panels.
Fa├žade material is red brick ornamented with colored tile.
Pedimented end gables are ornamented with block modillions and lunettes which flank the chimneys.
The porches are ornamented with sawn friezes and balustrades and turned posts with sawn brackets.
The interior is distinguished by spacious rooms with magnificent paneling and richly ornamented ceilings.
The bow was ornamented with trailboards and a billethead.
The lower balustrade is composed of rows of turned balusters alternating with plain block panels and ornamented with flame finals.
The doorway here, which enters the second floor hall, is ornamented with trilobed floral motives.
The exterior of the shell has green rays on a light green or yellow surface ornamented with green mottling.
It is painted sky-blue and ornamented with twenty-seven gold stars.
The little ranch was neatly swept and garnished, papered and ornamented.
In a nation of wooden houses, it was built of stone and ornamented with understated stone flourishes.
On the upper floors are pairs of two-over-two-light double-hung sash windows between richly ornamented terra cotta spandrels.
The exterior of the double-walled tomb is little ornamented.
The brick exterior is trimmed in richly ornamented architectural terra cotta.
The valves are ornamented by radial lines that tend to group themselves into major ribs of varying degrees of prominence.

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