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Example sentences for ornamental

The walk back home provided some ornamental slabs for me to flip.
We have some far more elaborate and ornamental world maps from a similar period.
Ornamental wooden cow sculptures stand beside two comfortable chairs.
The balustrades and ornamental railings each are housed in custom-made plywood cabinetry designed to safeguard them.
Introduced into ponds and lakes as an ornamental plant, it goes forth and multiplies until it has taken over entire habitats.
So-called ornamental crops are a popular alternative to conventional food crops.
And it uses multimedia in an organic rather than an ornamental way.
Utility model and design patents are for small improvements or ornamental designs, ie cosmetic changes rather than inventions.
One of the museum's loveliest displays exposes a simple ornamental comb as the end product of exhaustive mechanical manipulations.
It can be either functional or ornamental design-large or small, current or vintage.
Splendid as these pageants are, they are mainly ornamental, and the value of allegory as ornament has always been recognized.
If the lyric sections of the drama were merely ornamental the modern producer could skirt the difficulty.
Exporting ornamental fish for aquariums may generate billions of dollars for developing countries in the tropics.
Seeds from the soaring trees were collected and distributed, and it soon became a popular ornamental in home gardens.
Artifacts unearthed at the site include a stone axe head, a pottery fragment, and an ornamental pin.
Shipment of ornamental cacti to consumers elsewhere also contributes to the wild cacti decline.
The main reason for its spread around the world is its beauty and its consequent popularity as an ornamental plant.
Ornamental species and forms can be divided into two categories: evergreen and deciduous.
Ornamental kale can make as much impact with leaves as other plants do with flowers.
The garden relies heavily on ornamental cabbage and kale for color.
They still sport their intricate fret- and latticework, shiplap siding and ornamental voodoo patterns.
But they did not come close to the interment, on an island in an ornamental lake on the estate.
The park is landscaped with flower gardens and ornamental trees.
The other restaurant is more modern overlooking the ornamental lake on the grounds.
While it's a modern building, the traditional feel in the rooms comes from its darker wood furnishings with ornamental bed-ends.
The garden spans three terraces and includes scenic waterfalls, ornamental ponds and lodges.
His tastes run toward the ornamental--concrete planters and wrought iron.

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