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The wheelbarrow as lawn ornament doesn't have to be the gnome-driven variety.
Elaborate ornament surrounds the main entrance to the commons.
There are also miniature paintings and a single, twinkling turban ornament.
The oddly paired wings might be an extraordinary type of ornament for wooing females, they said.
When rolled behind a saddle, it provided a striking ornament.
With a small offset spatula, spread a thin layer of tinted icing on each ornament.
Some don't care about the ornaments, but others are proud of their collection and can recite which ornament came in which year.
In no case were the stairways intended for ornament.
Or you could attach them to driftwood or bark as a hanging or free-standing ornament.
Many of the structural and mechanical systems were left visible and function as ornament.
Rhino horns in reality has no value other than a ornament.
He gets startled by lawn flags or will dig in and stare if someone has a statue or lawn ornament out.
The building stands in the centre of a beautiful park, and is an ornament to the locality in which it is placed.
Firefighters await a beauty queen, and their truck a hood ornament.
Goldsmith sought to express the structural essence of his buildings in their exteriors, unmasked by ornament.
The singers were encouraged to ornament their parts, although they did nothing self-indulgent.
But it never worked, so it ended up as a lawn ornament.
The bull is huge, his horns no ornament, his harem his alone because he's gored the only slightly less impressive opposition.
He might have proved a useful adjunct, if not an ornament to society.
Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age.
It is singularly well done-quite a model of précis, with a little expatiation and ornament betraying the poet's hand.
If he was an ornament to his profession, his superiors deemed him increasingly too risky a one.
The car sports an original continental kit on the rear and a spectacular flying lady hood ornament.
Since it pours also from her hands, she is likened to a garden ornament, a conduit with three spouts.
Hair was brushed and teased to punk heights, and sometimes finished with small sequined ornament.
These changes all point to the difficulty of supporting the superstructure and its ornament.
One of the pieces he showed was this remarkable corsage ornament, considered by many to be his masterwork.

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