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The floors throughout are the original oak, sanded and stained a dark chocolate brown to hide their imperfections.
Explore the original art town by the sea on a poster budget more.
Those who had used the wipes were more likely to stick to their original ratings.
It has been slightly modified from it's original posting.
The original article pertained to two heads communicating is better than two heads excuse shortcuts.
My original calculations underestimated the abject lunacy and depravity of the eco-movement goals.
Today the stone offers no clue to its original purpose.
As a reminder, submissions should be true, original personal essays somehow inspired by this invitation.
They would have the same number of senators and representatives as the original thirteen.
The amateur paleontologist's original conclusion had been on the right track.
The air inside is pleasantly cool, and the walls are smooth and dry, with patches of original plaster.
In addition to vintage prints hung in their original sequence, the show displays contact sheets with thousands of other shots.
Some of his colleagues, though, disagreed with his original findings.
The original bandits lived in isolated villages and carried out raids on upright citizens.
When the truck arrived, it was carrying only two-thirds of its original load.
The fourth installment of the street-racing saga will enjoy a rarity among franchises: the return of original stars.
Examples abound of blogs posting articles they pick up from other sites, but attribute to themselves and not the original authors.
Foreign microbes can be lethal because the new host may not have the immunity that has built up over time in the original species.
He is said to have roughed out the original concept on a paper napkin.
The fit with the president's expansive agenda seemed awkward, and the amount was pennies on the original dollar.
It's true that your dissertation showcases your original contribution to a particular field.
For a retailer to make the grade, they must have maintained their integrity and hewed closely to their original vision.
These lymphoid cells are probably derivatives of the entodermal cells which lined the original diverticula and their subdivisions.
The ovary becomes displaced during the first pregnancy, and probably never again returns to its original position.
Original position of hypophyseal diverticulum, py ph.
The muon preserves the direction of the original neutrino, thus pointing back to its cosmic source.
Hubbard was one of the original seven board members.
Then, garage tinkerers start to use slightly cheaper, smaller versions of the original technology.
The original student body numbered fewer than two dozen people.
But the result that many outsiders had hoped for-a victory by the original protesters-is almost certainly foreclosed.
As a result, after inflation has gone on for a while, it will no longer deliver the original boost to employment.
Price's work in evolutionary biology, while abstract, was breathtakingly original and deep.
However, its frozen body preserved the shape of the original bulge.
Interesting, would be great to read more about the circles, maybe the original papers.
The more pages that link to a page--and the more pages linking to the linkers--the more relevant the original page.
They were then left with this new photon and the original member of the pair.
Please do not send us any unsolicited original creative materials such as stories or ideas, screenplays, or original artwork.
Or you might see a fully stocked general store with original wooden boxes and shelves with tin cans.
When examining data, you need to use the original pictures.
The kids are back, this time with a set of original challenges.
And its original base of operations was located-had been located for quite some time-in my esophagus.

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