origami in a sentence

Example sentences for origami

Anything can be made with origami-from birds and bugs to stents and space telescopes.
For example, he says, a full simulation of how a shirt might be folded would include fantastic origami-style shapes.
The exact sequence of amino acids determines the form that this molecular origami will take.
In prions, mutations are essentially different styles of molecular origami.
In fact, they were so enamored of their amateurish designs that they valued them as highly as origami made by experts.
The cables are obsessively folded and tucked, origami-style, for minimal clutter and maximum airflow.
Paper-folding can produce more than airplanes, as the ancient art of origami has shown.
You'll learn stories to tell while creating an origami shape.
The principles of origami are commonly used for map folding as well as product packaging.
Enjoy fun activities such as potato printing, bookmark making, flower origami or leaf rubbings.
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