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The programme starts with an orientation and a one-month introduction to basic business principles.
Depending on each fault's location, orientation and direction of slip, its likelihood of rupture may increase or decrease.
Listening to my peers and leaders speak at orientation was nothing short of inspiring.
To belittle genocide so flippantly speaks a lot about your depth of character and possibly your political orientation.
Have pairs draw orientation lines on the drawing paper.
Bats, along with other animals that employ echolocation, rely on their ears more than their eyes for orientation and navigation.
The bouncers, who are students, delicately keep parents at bay during orientation sessions as incoming students consult.
Adjusting font size, set contrast, and lock orientation.
With no gravity cues, they rely on what they see for spatial orientation.
The galaxy orientation might help, depending on where your new friends came from and perhaps their visual spectral range.
The orientation of each screen is dependent upon the direction from which you approach it.
The bat uses these reflected signals for orientation and as part of its sonar system to detect food.
It is crucial to have the proper orientation of the seams on the ball as the ball travels through the air.
The trick for locating the position of the hidden sun is to detect polarization, the orientation of light waves along their path.
The civic and moral dimensions also are diminished by the powerful market-based orientation to economic and social problems.
The orientation of these needles can then be used to store information.
What is completely missing is describing how the researchers determined their subjects political orientation.
Orientation could be difficult, owing to the volatile weather conditions.
Until now, the approach has been to try to grow all of the tubes in the correct orientation to start with.
Scientists think that the regional difference can be explained by the geographic orientation of each continent's mountains.
They even define their own orientation in relation to the orientation of the surrounding landscape.
The unit quickly swivels between portrait and landscape orientation.
Each street follows one general direction-north-south for example-allowing for easier navigation and better orientation.
The orientation of the dunes suggests the wind must come predominantly from the northwest.
In the rotating coil, the magnetic flux changes because the orientation changes.
The lack of commercial orientation frequently means that too many employees throughout the company are unproductive.
The outcome showed that students' reactions to the nonpolitical target words were affected by their political orientation.
If they are meant to be printed in a specific orientation, make sure they have that orientation.
The programme starts with a one-week orientation and foundation session.
To do the experiment, you don't need to know which orientation of your polarizer is horizontal and which vertical.
The players could rotate around so that their heads are not in the same orientation.
The first day of orientation in my doctoral program is still a blur.
By combining their signals, however, cells in the second area can respond to corners or bars in any orientation.
The meticulous approach, perfect execution and a strong goal orientation.
There are other problems with incorporating touch gestures on laptops, regardless of their orientation.
Then came a succession of smaller impulses, some arising from turbulence, others from changes in the ship's spatial orientation.
Maybe one needs to visual a infinite number of webs at every possible orientation to the ball.
The robot also has a gyroscope that uses a laser to precisely measure changes in its orientation.
Simultaneously, our upright posture put the trachea and esophagus in a near-vertical orientation.
If you can define the orientation of a plane, you can also define the orientation of another plane that is perpendicular to it.
Or click on the actual clue to automatically select the correct orientation.
It is famous for the abundance of seashells that gather on its beaches due to the island's uncommon east-west orientation.
Sessions begin with guests taking a shower, getting suited up and then participating in an orientation.
The school has a strong research orientation, particularly in financial areas such as risk management.
The programme begins with a one-week orientation residency.
The fact that they had to pay attention to both content and orientation meant they focused harder.
Roof size, strength and orientation are primary, practical considerations of a solar energy installation.
Since the crystals have no particular orientation, the refracted light forms a circle around the moon.
Sometimes photo viewing programs correct the orientation in viewing mode but do not rotate the file.
After a brief orientation, the group leader may offer options of local activities to the group to head off and do independently.
Precipitation depends on the orientation of the mountain in relation to moisture-bearing winds.
It long ago shed its founders' evangelical orientation.
It's unclear whether she was aware of her father's orientation.
In one sense, the difference between the two approaches reflects little more than a difference in time horizon and orientation.
Whether you think the chart below represents a positive or negative trend depends almost entirely on your political orientation.
In terms of political orientation, these workers can now be described as tax consumers as well as tax payers.
Scientists can use a magnetometer to determine the orientation of the ancient sediments and date the rock to a specific era.
To help the astronauts adapt to weightlessness, the quarters are designed with a conventional floor-down orientation.
Each kind of photonic crystal reflects a specific wavelength of light at a specific orientation.
The camera reads the orientation, then the machine's robot brain rotates the design appropriately.
Take your tablet and prop it up, in landscape orientation, on a table or in your lap.
The orientation of surface and curve geometry is the direction of the normal and tangent vectors respectively.
The software infers the orientation and displays the map.
The blocks contain sensors to detect their orientation and position with respect to other blocks.
The light is sent off in a vertical orientation that helps release the trapped rays.
The last great shift in computer programming was object orientation.
It identifies key features of an object irrespective of their orientation, size, or how dark or light they appear in the image.
To identify orientation, the head-post algorithm keys in on how facial features change during movement.
The satellite's orientation or configuration apparently has changed, and that is now slowing its descent.
While these sensors are wired and individually placed, their orientation isn't exact--that is, specific muscles aren't targeted.
As the magnets flipped to find their lowest-energy orientation, they would converge on the problem's solution.
As the solar wings deploy, the station must fly at an orientation that leaves it susceptible to communication failures.
In magnetic storage, the data is stored in the orientation of the field in a specific magnetic domain.
The devices can detect their orientation and position with respect to other blocks.
First, there is a heritable component to political orientation.
Unfortunately the moon rocks were scooped up with no attention paid to their orientation on the surface.
Depends on the spacetime orientation of the observer.
The location and orientation of the canyon and the cracking around it are fairly suggestive of that.
For some reason my brain interprets the orientation of the galaxy differently when it's inverted.
It captures the excitement and promise of this new orientation within psychiatry.

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