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The head portion of the squid pokes out of a conical, rubbery structure called the mantle, which encloses the internal organs.
Even the two organs in the choir loft are decorated, with angels playing instruments.
Surgery was limited to simple operations on the extremities, where vital organs would not be exposed to infection.
Any minute, they thought, the metal would start slashing through his organs.
It was a continuing pain that seemed to spread to all my other organs.
To dismiss a student for such nonsense indicates a quest for authority over real life and real live organs and tissue.
My stomach clenching, heart wrenching, and mind kicking my other organs for getting involved.
Unlike insulin or artificial hips, organs so far cannot be successfully manufactured.
All vital organs begin to lose some function as you age.
Primary amyloidosis is a disorder in which abnormal proteins build up in tissues and organs.
His widow decided to donate his organs to seven different people.
Before puberty they are of small size, but enlarge as the generative organs become more completely developed.
Peripherally the fibers are supposed to be distributed to the various organs supplied by the sympathetic efferent fibers.
The ligaments will be described with their respective organs.
And every so often, the resource grab is lethal-people are simply killed for their organs.
Once all the organs are out, the tempo picks up in the operating room.
When they finished, the group spent another hour dissecting the organs.
Because there are not enough donors of organs, in the future people may be helped by transplants of organs from animals.
The digestive system is the series of tubelike organs that convert our meals into body fuel.
Freezing organs isn't an option, as the cells dehydrate.
Fireflies have dedicated light organs that are located under their abdomens.
But the species has suckers with sharp claws and light-producing organs on the ends of two of its arms called photophores.
Platypus bills are complex sensory organs loaded with electrical receptors.
As desperation for healthy organs grows around the world, so does an illicit trade in human parts.
Most features of the living apes-their torso, internal organs, ligaments and joints-are different from their more primitive kin.
It's illegal in this country to buy or sell organs for transplant.
Sepsis can affect one or many organs of the body, depending on the extent of the infection.
It can take days to turn animal organs into a satisfying dish.
Tired of sharing the spotlight with his two dummies, the ventriloquist went to work designing one of the first ersatz organs.
Nonetheless, we're somehow vehement about protecting one of their internal organs.
The grafting of mechanical organs, prosthetic devices inserted in the body, will probably take longer.
As a hail of shrapnel pierces flesh and breaks bones, the shock wave tears lungs and crushes other internal organs.
If they can still find them down in the vault where they put those useless organs away for safekeeping thirty years ago.
The time has now come for separating the diverse organs, and developing their functions.
Giving organs first to organ donors will convince more people to register as organ donors.
Neither does eliminating rejection increase the supply of organs for transplant, even though it means that fewer will be wasted.
Part of the problem is that the supply of organs is declining.
Without serious checks and balances, the government wields organs of state as tools of political control.
The body was divided up neatly into organs and systems that each had well-defined tasks.
The body has sent blood to the vital organs in a last effort to cling to life.
Rodents fed diets containing supplements of both types of chemical developed tumours in various organs.
Thanks to fibre-optics, it is now possible to illuminate many of the body's remotest organs and darkest orifices.
Some animals sense light with organs outside their eyes, but humans do not.
Scientists have taken what may be a key step toward creating human organs such as livers and kidneys.
Growing replacement organs is still a long way off.
More complicated than they look, teeth are actually tiny organs.
Proteins desired for preserving organs and frozen food longer are now visible under the microscope.
Then for those who do, there could be further evaluations of sorts to see if any organs have doubled.
Animal experiments suggest that bone marrow might be used to rebuild damaged organs.
The movements of the stomach, as in many other internal organs, is due to the activity of smooth muscles.
Researchers do not know if the same thing would work for other types of cancer or cancer cells lodged in other body organs.
Even humans can replace some damaged tissue in organs, such as the liver.
Apparently complex organs such as eyes, hands or brains evolve magically by chance and the lucky species works out how to use it.
In many of those animals, the malignancy will look and behave much as it would in humans, such as spreading to the same organs.
When the experiments were over, the remaining organs would be removed for transplant purposes.
And the problem with laminitis wasn't that it directly affected the vital organs.
Pins were placed carefully at various points of my body to get all my organs to function in harmony.
His top half was blown into the road, where he landed spilling his entrails and organs.
Legalizing payment for organs is a ferociously controversial topic in the organ world.
Over the next two days, all her organs recovered except her brain.
He was being protected in a popular way and also by the organs of the state.
It also involves the spinal cord and nervous system, and more generally the endocrine system and all your organs.
The organs must have originated in precursors that were spandrels for some ancestral organism.
Imagine internal organs full of gravel oozing and rusting.
Through trial and error he improved both the material chosen for sutures and their placement when rejoining opened organs.
But musical organs, from which the word was adopted, have none of the complex feedback interactions that organisms possess.
His legs had been almost severed and internal organs ruptured.
Moreover they can learn with their sense organs and brains how to improve still further their responses to the environment.
The idea is that not only will this help them but it should also help better decisions to result from these organs.
Up until now relatively few medications have successfully altered genes or caused organs and tissues to regenerate.
Painted as surgically as diagrams on the surgeon's chart, his reproductive organs are rendered as facts.
At the same time it was argued that there was a reciprocal dependence of the organs of generation and of reason.
Science is a social activity carried out by organisms with a limited central nervous system and severely limited sense organs.
And our mental processes are biological phenomena located in our brains, which in turn are biological organs.
Designers of prosthetics and artificial organs have for a long time tried to replicate the human body.
Ice crystallizing in the frog's body cavities draws some of the water from the cells in the flesh and organs.
All spiders spin silk from their rear ends, using special organs called spinnerets.
Once established, symmetry had a powerful effect on how new organs evolved.
Not only are these organs superficially similar to ours, they're also constructed from the same genetic building blocks.
The larva grows inside the roach, devouring the organs of its host, for about eight days.
As they expanded their brains, perhaps they slimmed down other organs.
Some are trying to create human blood vessels and organs in a petri dish, or even grow organs inside other animals.
Over a lifetime, this essential set of defensive mechanisms runs out of bounds and gradually damages organs throughout the body.
The practice of rush-shipping organs for transplants on ice is fertile ground for slapstick comedy.
More recently, researchers have suggested that chimeric sheep could grow human organs for transplantation.
Your story highlighted the tragic shortage of human organs for transplant operations.
But for many reasons only a tiny fraction of them will actually wind up donating their organs.
The disease overran her body, causing blood clots and shutting down her organs.
The buying and selling of human organs is generally frowned upon.
Growing living tissue and organs in the lab would be a life-saving trick.
Because the results are specific to organ rejection, the test might be applicable to other organs as well, she says.
The ability to create living tissues and organs in the lab holds great promise for transplant medicine.
The pigs, whose organs are a closer match with humans, developed lung disease several months after birth.
Known adult stem cells, however, can give rise to all the cell types that characterize the organs in which they're found.
The new sticky tape could also be made into drug-delivery patches for placement directly on organs including the heart.
If it all works out, the first application may be to help preserve transplant organs longer by keeping them colder.
G rowing human organs to ease the deadly shortages facing patients desperate for transplants.
We also know that they can enter the lining of the lungs and get through to the blood and enter other organs.
When physicians perform cancer biopsies on organs such as the prostate gland, they are commonly guided by ultrasound scanners.

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