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There is action, reaction, and feedback loops and attenuation effects that resemble the complexity of a living organism.
To exist, a cancer needs a living organism, but it cannot ever become a living organism.
The organism may be sicker, he observes, but it is living longer.
And they may get better thanks to living cells: the multicellular organism called brown algae.
Information is simply a way of arranging descriptors of the physical world in a manner that the living organism can use.
When scientists trace the origins of an organism, they compare it to other living things.
The cells of an organism are nodes in a richly interwoven communications network, transmitting and receiving, coding and decoding.
What is different now is the evolution of a new political organism, with paranoia as its animating principle.
The first group comprises those who select a problem to work on and then look around for the ideal organism to solve the problem.
Mr g spends quite a while experimenting with consciousness, adding cells to an organism to see when it becomes conscious.
The proteins in question come from the crystal jelly, a marine organism.
One is to try to culture an organism from the powder, and then subject it to a barrage of chemical tests to identify it.
The genome-all the genes that go to make up an organism-is a familiar idea.
Whether the organism is endemic to this area, and why.
The fossils showed there was sharp decline in the population of a certain organism.
But as our knowledge has exploded, so too has our power to upset the delicate balance of this complex organism.
The polyp calicles connect to one another, creating a colony that acts as a single organism.
Any wild elephant group is, in essence, one large and highly sensitive organism.
Researchers add genes for light-sensitive proteins to certain cells in the organism.
His idea is that over hundreds of millions of years any micro-organism will change the atmosphere of its planet.
In this case it would be better for the rest of the organism to cut off the cancerous part.
If producing oil was a trait that enhanced survivability of the organism this would be a trait that would have already happened.
The organism already existed, new capability was added.
Where genetics looks at individual genes or groups of genes, genomics looks at the entire genetic complement of an organism.
Antidiarrheal medication may delay the organism from leaving the digestive tract, and therefore may not be recommended.
Although symptoms may differ, they often overlap, which can make it difficult to identify the organism by symptoms alone.
The components of an organism must cooperate with each other or the organism will cease to function as a coherent unity.
In people with weakened immune systems, the cryptococcus organism may spread to the brain.
Once infected, they shed the organism in their droppings, which can infect anyone who comes into contact with them.
The antibiotic must be specific for the organism causing the condition.
If caused by an organism, this is highly contagious.
The initial stages of a micro-organism changing hosts is traumatic for both.
The micro-organism will evolve to eventually become less pathogenic and eventually benign.
In creating a novel organism, they will also remove key metabolic pathways so that it could never survive in the wild.
Every single micro-organism has the potential to be modified or bred to be harmful.
The number of neurons and connections are related to the amount of learning an organism experiences.
Another problem facing telomere science is that no suitable model organism is available for testing.
On these grounds the acceleration of an organism must start in its head.
The outcomes of a new organism on the population are not the same as the outcomes of a previously existing one.
Organism-tissue-cell-molecule-gene, every higher-level is the complex system of the lower-level.
Because after many cycles all the cells in the organism are replaced with new ones.
Suppressing a gene or two within an organism might be safe, depending on how that is actually accomplished.
When he combines the steps-perhaps next year-he will have crafted a truly synthetic organism.
Not to mention that any organism that might manage to have rode along would be environmentally challenged, to put it mildly.
The sum of all life on this planet is a single organism.
For a mindless organism, the slime mould's skill at creating efficient networks is extraordinary.
One does not know the evolutionary history of an organism by one locus alone.
Only real intelligence in a biological organism can be achieved.
Stress is a response by the body to certain stimuli that changes the normal function of an organism.
Nature uses the problem an organism has to solve itself as the mold by which it designs the solution.
In a way this could make the universe as a whole alive, and all lifeforms part of one large organism.
The suitability of the organism for experimentation.

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