organic chemistry in a sentence

Example sentences for organic chemistry

Were he not familiar with the intricacies of organic chemistry, that breakthrough may never have happened.
Behind the perfumer's palette is the history of synthetic organic chemistry.
It only cares whether our views on organic chemistry or foreign policy are relevant.
After all, organic chemistry can generate some pretty great reactions.
Most of organic chemistry was developed before the connection with physics was understood.
Optional responsibilities may include teaching organic chemistry labs.
Many of them already exist and could be used quite satisfactorily, even for organic chemistry.
But as described above, in the past century it has been reduced to a problem of organic chemistry and information science.
As a student of organic chemistry, it's great to be able to follow a psychological study.
It's also used widely as a building block in organic chemistry to create molecules.
Proficiency in organic chemistry may still be a necessary condition for getting into medical school.
Otherwise the science of economics wouldn't seem as profound to outsiders as organic chemistry does.
Unfortunately it can be made rather easily and without great expense by anyone with a knowledge of organic chemistry.
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