ordinary income in a sentence

Example sentences for ordinary income

Dividends are taxed as ordinary income, not at lower capital gains rates.
Big money managers should have their pay treated as ordinary income, with higher tax rates.
Under our tax system, you pay taxes on your ordinary income at graduated rates.
Fees for managing other people's money should be taxed as ordinary income.
But today many capital gains are on income that was never taxed as ordinary income to begin with.
These arguments usually turn on the metaphysical distinction between ordinary income and capital gains.
Advice is requested whether the lump sum payment was ordinary income or capital gain.
The management fee is taxed as ordinary income to the general partner.
On any gain realized, a portion is treated as ordinary income and any remaining balance as a short-term capital gain.
Amount realized and ordinary income on a recourse debt.
Once distributions begin, the distributed monies are fully taxable as ordinary income for federal tax purposes.
It's relatively simple to turn capital gains income into ordinary income if you are in the tax planning business.
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