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It is an observance that has been distilled over centuries of use, molded through common belief and ordinary usage.
He weaves a special magic between an otherwise ordinary jacket using simple words to convey something profound.
The ordinary picnic table and benches were used for a movie set.
What is much harder to find is good ordinary red-wine vinegar.
The primary undergraduate degree is the so-called ordinary bachelor's, which typically requires three years of study.
While the ordinary-language usage has a pejorative valance, it is an adaptive function.
They are ordinary people with extraordinary courage.
Entangled photons are pairs of ordinary light particles that are mysteriously connected at the quantum level.
Previously, researchers had shown that they could derive this type of stem cell from ordinary skin cells.
Word got out, and the order began allowing ordinary citizens to be buried there as well.
Meet ten of the world's best guides and see what distinguishes them from the ordinary.
Think about what life is: ordinary matter in a highly organized state.
Seen above in ordinary light, one such pig appears yellowish.
Researchers and ordinary farmers around the world are finding that even devastated soils can be restored.
Scientists need to be skeptics, but sometimes ordinary experiences can cause them to change their minds.
To get these wood-burning benefits, cities can't rely on ordinary furnaces.
These are all meant to turn what would be an ordinary tour into something special and memorable.
Ordinary fans make you feel cooler by moving air around, but they don't cool the air.
It is the body of which roads are the arms and legs-a trivial or quadrivial place, the thoroughfare and ordinary of travelers.
The world will be frightfully ordinary without redheads.
They simply cannot be taught enough to become ordinary members of society.
It's amazing to think that such ordinary-sized animals are out there on the savanna with the big cats.
Traditional court-led resolutions used by ordinary companies proceed too slowly.
Prices have been shooting up, but demand from ordinary consumers is not keeping pace.
Yes it would, but the point is, no ordinary human being is ever going to do such a thing.
The ordinary human being would sooner starve than live on brown bread and raw carrots.
So while ordinary cells become resistant to chemotherapy drugs following a fast, cancer cells do not.
The others were fed an ordinary diet, not fortified with microbes.
But demand from ordinary consumers in poorer countries mainly bolsters exports in other developing economies.
Worldwide, crooked staff have better opportunities to steal than ordinary shoppers.
The security services keep opposition figures and even ordinary bloggers under surveillance.
Nor will it improve the living standards of ordinary citizens.
The shadow banking system was as important to the economy as the ordinary kind, but was far more vulnerable.
There are two types of matter in the universe: ordinary matter, including the material that makes up stars.
Ordinary metals conduct electrons all the way through, whereas ordinary insulators don't conduct electrons at all.
But ordinary ovens are still not hot enough for many research needs.
These detectors could be attached to any plane that would be exposed, so ordinary flights would not need to carry them.
The dreams then gradually return to their more ordinary state.
Ordinary coal abundant almost all around the globe is another raw-material for producing petroleum.
And a layer that skimpy would likely be worn away by ordinary chewing.
Perhaps they are thinking on a different time scale to us ordinary mortals.
In an ordinary conductor, the resistance of the metal quickly snuffs out those currents.
Superdistribution-equipped computers are otherwise quite ordinary.
Ordinary matter in the form of gas collects around the nucleus and, as it collapses, it heats up.
At the same time, ordinary people struggle to survive in a society coming apart.
It combines the compressive strength of ordinary concrete with the tensile strength of iron.
Stick with goals that improve the lives of ordinary people.
Use the answer to any of this puzzle's starred clues in ordinary conversation.
But when compared with the scope of the crisis, they were ordinary.
But once seated, the stylish drinks trolley reminded the fashion travellers that this was no ordinary airplane ride.
The events they spoke of were of a daily, ordinary sort, but when narrated they took on great importance.
Chocolatiers from around the country have found ways to make chocolate gifts a little less ordinary.
Most are famous, but some are ordinary folks in extraordinary situations.
These were ordinary military and civilian airplanes, which had not been especially reinforced for storm flying.
In an ordinary microscopic section, viewed by transmitted light, they appear as fusiform opaque spots.
He had genuine sympathy for ordinary folk, for animals, for nature.
They cannot themselves be known in the ordinary way because they are what one knows with.
His position was entirely different from that of the ordinary printer or publisher.
It contains granular pigment, and stains deeply with ordinary reagents.
Its cells differ from ordinary cardiac muscle cells in being more spindle-shaped.
His aim was to gather up the best ideas of his time and put them within reach of the ordinary reader.
They wanted to be seen as ordinary fighter pilots, no different from anyone else.
For the first time the horizons of ordinary people expanded.
It's also the idea that a group of people in an ordinary hospital could do something so enormously complex.
The entrance to the woods looked quite ordinary and unthreatening.
He has had as many adventures as any thirty-five or forty ordinary people.
Credit busts are different from ordinary recessions.
The investor-protection bureau existed to protect the interests of ordinary investors.
On an ordinary day, you can explain the complexities of a relationship, or simply elide them.
That's no ordinary libel-it's more akin to the blood variety.
In the process, they become more distant from ordinary people, losing whatever empathy they may once have had.
Ordinary melancholy would have looked ecstatic by comparison.
New software creates fluorescing type with ordinary printers, paper, and ink.
That's an increase in trapping time of four orders of magnitude, comparable to what's possible with good old ordinary matter.
Clearly, many of these antiparticles must be annihilated when they meet particles of ordinary matter.
But it will affect many ordinary citizens' communications.
In ordinary operation, the generator cycles on and off, keeping the battery at an optimal state of charge.
Any ordinary user would be entirely unaware of the problem because infrared light is invisible.
In between trips, the battery can be recharged in six and a half hours at an ordinary wall outlet.
Ordinary resonant effects are not powerful enough to do do this kind of damage but nonlinear resonances can.
But ordinary citizens might object to having their every move monitored.
Motion at ordinary speeds really consists of a series of discrete jumps at c interspersed with a lot of wait periods.
Nothing much happens day-to-day outside ordinary power generation.
The vision is less attractive to artists and writers and ordinary people.
Ordinary people are more interested in friends and family than in science.
Ordinary people may not welcome a future spent swimming in an unending flood of information.
The best way to see what this boom has meant to ordinary people is to visit cities in the interior.
In ordinary times, that structure functions reasonably well.
Even in the extraordinary atmosphere of that period when many strange things seemed ordinary that interview was bizarre.
Commercial space travel is now almost within reach of ordinary citizens.
If they weren't so small, you might mistake them for ordinary refrigerator magnets.
He turns ideas over and creates characters that are both ordinary and extraordinary.
The dryness of the term hides its huge importance to our ordinary life.
Something that is somewhat novel, but not too out of the ordinary, tends to flourish.
He didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until some minutes later.
They can stretch out slowly to twice their ordinary length and then pull back again without any harm.
Similar arguments can be made about the ratio of dark matter to ordinary matter.
For us ordinary people, though, the clock is a tyrant.
The movie was pretty ordinary, but its one saving grace was the spaceship.
Also, saliva does not have the same composition as ordinary tap water.
Ordinary folk almost feel that they should take off their shoes before they go in to listen.
Performance at a high level in any sport is to exceed the ordinary human scale.
He's a synesthete--one of a small group of otherwise ordinary citizens who perceive the world in extraordinary ways.
Exasperating the ordinary word officer, who expects enlisted words to demonstrate clarity, brevity and work ethic.
But these players are not ordinary soccer players--they run on crutches and each goalkeeper has only one arm.
The balconies elevate an otherwise-ordinary concrete-framed structure to the level of art.

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