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Claims were also made that the ordinance was simply a way for the township to gain extra cash without resorting to new taxes.
But some who oppose the ordinance say that there are other, deeper, ramifications.
The government also quietly adopted a new counter-terrorism ordinance last month, without debate.
What followed was over five years of small-town politics and zoning ordinance red tape.
Since the ordinance took effect, the police have reported no problems in public restrooms stemming from the law.
Intended to maintain calm, the ordinance succeeded in enforcing boredom.
They have an ordinance that says cell towers have to be hidden from sight.
Let me make clear: there is no ordinance dictating that lights on the green must be white.
No honking or construction work within a hundred metres of a testing site-by local ordinance.
Writer spoke with several persons about the possibility of modifying the city ordinance.
These decisions went against the town's weed ordinance.
Actually using them in non-lab environments, such as deserts or mountains, can result in a higher rate of unexploded ordinance.
Occasionally, police ordered them to move on under the city's anti-panhandling ordinance.
Replace these things with a traditional town-planning ordinance that prescribes a more desirable everyday environment.
The robot had saved the lives of many of the officer's ordinance-disposal soldiers.
The number of stores is determined by local ordinance and distributorships are determined by the state.
Sharia, although embodying various aspects, is essentially a religious ordinance.
At the same time, the language of the medical-marijuana ordinance being debated is putting dispensaries under increased scrutiny.

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