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Landscape supply companies will deliver bulk orders.
If you want something even bigger or a different shape, the company will also do custom orders.
Scholarship moves on, and scholars change their book orders.
In the past the state reacted by confiscating dishes on rooftops, which led merely to fresh orders.
It also restricts new orders for the rest of the day, except from small traders.
Output grew faster than sales, as firms refilled their warehouses as well as meeting customers' orders.
The longevity of a president's laws, regulations and executive orders depends in part on the legal challenges to them.
If that prompts a wave of new orders, the shares could command a premium.
For instance, a retailer may see a slight increase in demand for nappies, so he orders more from a wholesaler.
Retail orders can be routed electronically to the exchange via brokers.
Although the market extended trading hours, many brokers refused to take orders because share prices were so volatile.
There are plenty of underemployed stockbrokers with the guile to squeeze a few orders from their old pals on the buy-side.
Oil refineries began to reopen and oil depots were forcibly unblocked on government orders.
The result has been a boom in orders for new vessels.
They build legal-seeming sites to take orders and credit-card information.
Under orders from the prefectural government, scientists set about replanting the tree and cloning it.
Their customers may, as a precaution, also switch part of their orders to smaller rivals.
Insertion orders with disclaimers will not be accepted.
Essentially overnight, people began making copies at a rate that was orders of magnitude higher than anyone had believed possible.
But gladiators are different in critical ways from those and all other insect orders.
For the warehouse robots sorting our sneaker orders, eight hours.
Patients who do not--or cannot--comply with their doctor's orders may not recover from the disease.
People also split large orders in half to meet the posted limit.
They are orders of magnitude more abundant than the really rare gold and platinum, say.
As many as half of glaucoma sufferers do not follow doctors' orders because of the difficulty administering drops, he adds.
The air pollution kills far more people, far more by multiple orders of magnitude.
The waiters seemed only to remember orders which were in the process of being served.
However, orders of magnitude depend upon the scale one is using.
Scientific research leads to gains orders of magnitude more than the money put into it.
Now you can buy one for under a thousand with many orders of magnitude more power than those early machines.
The captain orders the main ballast tanks blown, and the submarine erupts from the depths lying on its port side.
Ask them to scroll down and look briefly at the eight different orders of sharks.
They seated themselves at tables and shouted out their orders.
Having prepared himself for holy orders, he was promoted to the priesthood.
Of a master who never forgives, the orders are seldom disobeyed.
Both these defects were, by the ancient discipline of the church, bars to holy orders.
The troops who have stood so well to orders have their reward in an easy leap to safety.
The military remains a hierarchical organization in which orders come from the top down.
The hospital switchboard, following orders, declined.
New orders, the backlog of orders, and new export orders all improved during the month.
Small producers of niche capital goods have also seen a surge in orders.
Its goals, as noted, are orders of magnitude below what nature requires if the global climate is to be stabilized.
All these experiments, orders, and systems were bound to attract and perplex the government and the nation.
He was not in the habit of subjecting himself to the orders of anybody.
Fish, poultry, or meat orders all get the same attention.
Orders are shipped in double-lined cartons with enough dry ice to keep the trout frozen for three days.
Unfortunately, she doesn't yet produce enough to fill phone orders.
He performed an awkward upward stroke with grace, cleaving one half from the backbone, and began cutting off customers' orders.
The corporal draws a circle on the ground with a baseball bat and orders the prisoners to dig a deep hole.
The manager had bad news: the lab was under orders, effective immediately, to stop handling such film.
The soldier calls to say that he's received his marching orders.
About one third of his output is for private orders.
For some reason, these were the marching orders in this story.
The orders were to fire in the air and immediately after to shoot at people.
He can think sends orders to the arms through a direct link into his spine.
They can do many different things but they need their orders.
By filing court orders to get access to emails, for example, they endlessly hound scientists.
We've got to have a way to get food to them and to make sure they're obeying the quarantine orders.
Ditto's team uses the dynamic clamp in the opposite way: to give orders.
The strategy suggested qualities that weren't supposed to occur in the lower orders: foresight, planning, perhaps even tool use.
Orders of magnitude more complicated than the marathon question.
But unless they get a bunch of orders right away production will stop.
The magnitudes decline precipitously as you descend down the rank orders of the principle components.
So all complexity can be reduced to lower orders of organization.
There are strict orders ants and bees follow without failure, who is behind these laws that govern these great species.
Evolution sped up by two orders of magnitude with the invention of agriculture and civilization.
The aircraft's self-control goes well beyond simply following the orders of a human-programmed mission plan.
It's known that the energy of electron and proton beams can vary by many orders of magnitude.
Imagine computers orders of magnitude more powerful and far cheaper than today's machines.
If he gets enough refundable orders, he'll seek funding to build a full-scale prototype.
That's an increase in trapping time of four orders of magnitude, comparable to what's possible with good old ordinary matter.
Experiments have shown that this method reduces the number of defects by two orders of magnitude-and boosts brightness tenfold.
But because sodium is orders of magnitude more abundant than lithium, it is cheaper to use.
These foundries aggregate high-volume orders from multiple customers to keep production lines humming.
Now the electric field is several orders of magnitude bigger and points in the opposite direction.
They were given a voice in weekly meetings, but once a decision was made, they had to carry out orders.
Because lockstep is no way to go through life, and we've been under marching orders long enough.
And the army rangers are on their toes, responding pronto to a rash of new orders.
No one is going to place orders for military equipment in deflated dollars.
Such orders would once have been considered contrary to the army's code of ethics.
Lee told him he could make his case to the post commander when they arrived, but of course he couldn't-orders were orders.
Encouraging news on home sales and durable-goods orders do not a recovery make.
The majority of us are forced to use computerized orders or risk losing our hospital privileges.
Federal milk marketing orders are established and amended through the formal hearing process.

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