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Specialty basils are available at many local nurseries or they can be ordered by mail.
The court ordered a trial to determine whether the university had failed in its obligations.
If the world were ordered entirely according to my liking, games would be displayed by date, not weekday.
Were the epitaphs that were ordered for them as they died.
To prevent a second time the same effect, the king when he sent him new objections, ordered them to be only read to him.
She was yet alive when the governor, finding it impossible to add to his cruelty, ordered her to be thrown into the sea.
He ordered all, before they are admitted, to employ a month for a general confession and a spiritual exercise.
No one was able to draw out the crosier till the saint was ordered to take it again, and it followed his hand with ease.
And he straightway ordered the rejoicings to cease and the marriage to be annulled.
Instead, he ordered a police probe and created a permanent anti-corruption unit.
Many state-owned firms ordered their staff to attend.
So the chair ordered the technicians to reset the system.
The factory has not been ordered to shut, she says, but has had to close because of transport problems caused by the games.
When ordered to work together, its soldiers sometimes fight each other instead.
Thousands of policemen arrived to carry out a court-ordered eviction, though they found only nine tenants.
Yes, that's what it's called, and everyone in the restaurant will know you ordered it.
The couple ordered their guests to come in costume and included research references in the invitations.
So they kept track of how much a spittoon cost and where the carpets had been ordered from-all that information was there.
If you ordered directly from us, please note that it takes a few days for a payment to be processed.
Then he ordered his coachman into it and had farmworkers pull it down a slope until it gained enough speed to fly.
He ordered a memorial cross to be built wherever the cortege rested.
But a federal judge ruled that to be inadequate and ordered the administration to require protection for up to one million years.
These ordered arrangements result in the basic symmetrical, hexagonal shape of the snowflake.
Trying to define one species from another is a human attempt to apply an ordered ideal to a chaotic reality.
Yet they observed spontaneous and continuous filling of the tube by an ordered chain of water molecules.
So of course as soon as they published their results, almost to the day, she ordered the construction of a bunch of reactors.
The pilots remained on alert, prepared to drop their bombs if ordered.
Soldiers ordered the villagers to give up their guns.
He's already ordered her favorite drink, a hot toddy with herbal tea and strong bourbon.
We ordered a couple of our own and became instant converts.
Steaks may be ordered cut thick for broiling, or in wafer-thin slices for breading and frying.
We read about live lobsters in tins and immediately ordered a sampling.
We ordered a shipment sent to our kitchen for sampling, and our tasters rated every last item as excellent.
If it is bent or otherwise strained, thus deranging the polymers, they will naturally return to their ordered state.
If her medical records had been unavailable, doctors probably would have ordered an ultrasound, incurring some delay in treatment.
Search engines can also be ordered to remove links to such content from search results.
You've been caught in a rolling blackout that state regulators have ordered as a heat wave brings on millions of air conditioners.
He is the one who ordered other posters not to respond to my posts.
Then he went to a restaurant in the station and ordered rice and curry and a salad.
Though barely able to speak, he ordered them to bring five different options for the mask and he would pick a design he liked.
He sits behind his screen, which he's ordered us never to touch.
The perfect test or scan may have been available, but the physicians never ordered it.
One desk copy is available for every twenty copies ordered.
He said that the city had in effect supplied no evidence at all and then simply ordered the city to certify the original results.
And naturally they are dancing the polka ordered by those who pay them.
After he had listened, he then would answer with ordered, coherent thoughts.
He performed his court-ordered duties at a library with other teenage offenders.
We ordered decaf cappuccinos, followed by dessert wine and a visit from the cheese cart.
Authorities ordered him turned away, without even allowing him inside.
Her bodyguards had been ordered not to take her there, because it was too dangerous.
The pattern is called a quasicrystal because it has an ordered structure, but the structure never repeats exactly.
We also ordered an ultrasound examination of her arm.
The next day, his teacher reprimanded the two boys and ordered them to write a detailed account of what they had witnessed.
It's not possible that someone ordered the cases in a special way.
The neurosurgeon suspected something else was going on, so he ordered another scan.
Remember that these are the three largest dimensions of genetic variance rank ordered.
The questions are ordered by difficulty to keep people's morale up.
We were ordered to convert all programs to a size and format that would fit in the shuttle.
Literally all information present in consciousness must be ordered this way.
But he simultaneously ordered the destruction of any literature that he felt could be a threat to his power.
Information on accessing the my court ordered debt account.

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