ordeal in a sentence

Example sentences for ordeal

Of course, one form of ordeal reigned above all others: football.
In the early days of their ordeal, they bicker and mourn, but solitude and need draw them together.
Even expressways have collapsed, turning a drive that once took several hours into a terrifying ordeal that can last days.
His final ordeal might have inspired great self-pity, though he displayed no hint of it.
The annual paper chase that is tax season can be viewed as an ordeal or an opportunity.
The inmates had been informed throughout the month long ordeal and knowing exactly what to do in case an evacuation was necessary.

Famous quotes containing the word ordeal

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For anyone addicted to reading commonplace books ... finding a good new one is much like enduring a familiar recurrence ... more
Falling in love with a United States Senator is a splendid ordeal. One is nestled snugly into the bosom of ... more
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