orchestrate in a sentence

Example sentences for orchestrate

Fraternities and sororities would orchestrate loud cheering sections to applaud each of their members as they crossed the stage.
Armed with the chief's blessing, the group fanned out to orchestrate the lynx's return.
Gun writers, too, help orchestrate the mood that so infuses the gun culture.
Behavior, because it's so complicated to orchestrate, is polymorphic-it requires the action of many genes in concert.
When he came into office, he was hopeful that he could orchestrate a peace treaty before the end of his first term.
People should not, he says, jump to the conclusion that he plans to orchestrate a break-up of the company.
And in finance, economists were often helping to orchestrate the trouble.
Earlier this month, the company hired a new executive to orchestrate its lobbying efforts.
Surgery teams orchestrate better when they listen to music.
Even the moment of conception wasn't that simple to orchestrate.
Shrouded in mystery, the shows are invite-only events that take months of preparation to orchestrate.
But they may not have much time to orchestrate that move.
Instead, they orchestrate a show for us every now and then to justify their consumption of our wealth.
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