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Example sentences for orchestral

The fans of symphonic music and video games have found a harmonic convergence in live orchestral performances of game soundtracks.
With this formidable weapon did the composer of orchestral cathedrals spend his leisure moments.
Scientists have uncovered how spiny lobsters make their vaguely orchestral screeches.
Many believe that its uniquely subtle orchestral palette is irreproducible in any other house.
They toured art museums and attended orchestral concerts.
They represent the best in musical training and orchestral performance.
He calls himself an urban composer and he has a high-end record company, makes really good recordings of orchestral things.
History suggests orchestral diplomacy may be of little real relevance.
But listeners may still be touched by the intelligence and emotional daring of the orchestral drama.
Now even those with a relatively secure orchestral job realise they have to teach, too.
It is true that orchestral history is scattered with enthusiasms that came and went.
Of course, to be present when a great orchestra is playing great orchestral music is an experience not to be missed.
He helped forge the harmonic and orchestral language of the nineteenth century.
The orchestral blends and separations are without precedent.
Anyhow, the cake- walk section is good enough to have itself a career as a short orchestral piece.
For an instant then she hears distant music, a singing voice with orchestral accompaniment.
And on this count the music excels by adopting the orchestral themes that worked so well with the movies.
As a musician you straddle two music communities, the indie scene and the more traditional orchestral symphony scene.
Cores was equally active as a soloist, a chamber player and orchestral musician.
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