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Both turned to the symphony orchestra as their central medium.
In addition to its inherent interest the program must reflect what the orchestra sees as its larger mission.
Orchestra members take souvenir snapshots of the spread.
Indeed, some of his first dance paintings portray the audience and orchestra as prominently as the ballerinas onstage.
It is the first game in the series to use music recorded by an orchestra.
Orchestra tickets have become increasingly expensive for the same reason as a university education has.
The three rows of marble steps near the orchestra used to be for big shots.
It's unfair to say that one bad drumbeat ruins the whole orchestra.
That's one reason an orchestra needs a conductor to keep players in sync.
Inside the house the florist has finished, an orchestra is playing in the hall or library, everything is in perfect order.
If he sits down-stairs, it is not in the orchestra, but in the stalls.
It's a code, and has the right information in it, but it's not the same as hearing the orchestra.
Afterward he conducted an orchestra, but played the piano only for charity.
The orchestra up in the trees, the heart below, step by step.
The singer had a sad voice that was always a couple of notes ahead of the orchestra.
He had enough chutzpah to shush the orchestra that tried to cut him off.
But among other spring-flowering bulbs, there's a small orchestra of blue notes.
In the orchestra pit, the musicians shielded their instruments and cowered under sheets of butcher paper.

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