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Many have exotic qualities, bizarre orbits and other characteristics that throw models of planetary formation into spasm.
Further, lots of student tend to remember that planetary orbits are elliptical and not perfectly circular.
They move in their respective orbits in perfect harmony with the central head and with each other.
We try to identify the stellar orbits with our plan of campaign.
Because the moon orbits along an egg-shaped ellipse, not a circle, its distance from us changes.
If lots of celestial bodies are in similar orbits, they all tend to blur together.
So you get a real learning experience when you see how far you have to hike to reach the orbits of the outer planets.
These orbits are wide: not only ministers but veterinarians, housekeepers, and social workers all have their say.
His jaw was set, his cap pulled down to the orbits of his milk-white eyes.
Elliptical orbits do not preclude objects from being planets.
Asteroids are in orbit around the sun, but the orbits can be modified by interactions with planets and with other asteroids.
For example an electron jumps from orbit to orbit in an atom without traversing the space between orbits.
The wax takes on the shape produced from the three nuclei orbits of the water nucleus.
Note how different their orbits are from the other planets.
Their lower orbits mean their view is more limited, but they have a more close-up view.
Small planets' waves have small amplitudes, so you can pick the signal from the noise only after several orbits.
As a result, seven-dimensional space could not have planets in stable orbits around stars.
In the past, information about orbits was a closely guarded secret.
Only as they enter middle age do they settle down to consist of well-spaced planets in stable orbits.
But many objects agreed to be planets have not completely cleared their orbits.
In part, that is because manoeuvring them into such high orbits requires a lot of fuel.
The data are the orbits of comets that are likely to have been first-time visitors to the inner solar system.
Further catastrophe awaits the remaining, ordinary star if it orbits the neutron star too closely.
Planets with short orbits should be the easiest to find with this technique.
The light knocks electrons out of their orbits and causes a current to flow.
The team observed a contrast in brightness between the two sides that creates phases as the planet orbits its star.
As the planet orbits the sun, the shadow shifts, changing weather patterns.
In other words, the planet seems to roll around on its side as it orbits the sun.
Their orbits are almost all eccentric-elliptical rather than circular-and all of them fly extremely close to their parent stars.
From there the two countries started upping the ante by increasing the number of orbits per flight.
The likely rocky planet orbits squarely in its star's habitable zone, making it a prime candidate for life, astronomers report.
In reality it does both, and saying it orbits one and not the other is silly anyway.
Planet building seemed to favor giant worlds careering around their stars in extreme orbits.
When these stop functioning, their orbits drift into trajectories that can threaten other valuable instruments.
Where a planet orbits doesn't make it any less of a planet.
But over the really long term, orbits in the solar system are chaotic.
Some planets dominate their orbits and some objects do not.
The answer is that the orbits ought to shrink as the density of dark matter increases.
Space junk is a serious problem, particularly in some orbits where debris is increasing at alarming rates.
In fact, the planet rotates three times for every two orbits around the sun.
Saroyan nudges these and other self-consciously colorful types into overlapping conversational orbits.
Satellites can be put into several different closed orbits around a planet.
Let's examine at some of the types of orbits typically used by satellites to provide communications.

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