oratorical in a sentence

Example sentences for oratorical

But feints, winks, and oratorical extravagance are the daily tactics of politics.
His heavy handiness is not covered up by his oratorical skills.
Two facts finally emerge from the oratorical fog enveloping the troubles of civil aviation.
She established an oratorical contest to motivate students to develop language proficiency.
Haynes is chiefly remembered for his sponsorship of railroad-building and for his brilliant oratorical skills.
The tall redhead early manifested oratorical abilities and considered a career in the theater but instead turned to teaching.
The purpose of this event is to enhance students' writing, oratorical, and presentation skills.
He interviewed candidates, conducted oratorical contests and served as post adjutant.

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As debate is rare in the House of Representatives, since nearly all real business is done in the committees, it is very ... more
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