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The press, instead of displacing the orator, has given him a larger audience and enabled him to do a more extended work.
The epistles of the great orator and politician offer both personal insight and policy initiative.
The orator has a high reputation for eloquence and intellectual grasp.
We were looking for a strong leader and got a good orator with no principled positions.
He was a skilled lawyer, a renowned orator, and a member of the president's inner circle.
The orator discussed such fascinating things as teleportation and a new, sixth state of matter.
He was a skilled orator and was often called to speak at local events.
He was not an orator, but he could tell what he knew in a pleasing way.
Corwin was an effective orator and was known for his wit, eloquence, and fiery debates.
For an old-fashioned orator, there could have been no more appropriate final stage exit.
In addition to being a great orator, he was a prolific writer of books and songs.

Famous quotes containing the word orator

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