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Then have students from each group share orally what they learned.
Students can share their responses orally or take turns underlining the words that they think summarize the main idea.
Model how to use the information to summarize the story orally.
Unless the notice is required to be in writing it may be given orally.
He therefore asks those who cannot be present and discuss the subject with us orally, to do so by letter in their absence.
Nor did the laziness which made him unwilling to sit down to his desk prevent him from giving instruction or entertainment orally.
The government's action, so far ordered only orally, has been shrouded in secrecy.
As a result, the history they told was increasingly transmitted orally, from generation to generation.
They can be taken orally, remain in the body long enough to be effective, and don't seem to be toxic.
They defend the work orally and much present one of the three in the department research colloquium.
If you haven't already, get a serum ferritin test to check if the iron you are taking orally is being absorbed.
Once they have done so, they will present their work to their peers orally.
Ask students to think about what they learned and orally state things that affect how long a journey across the ocean might take.
Ask students to orally explain which planets they think may be good candidates for weather study.
Over-the-counter versions are almost always water-based and taken orally, weakening or destroying much of their potency.
After generations of poverty and oppression, the orally transmitted songs and histories had become fragmentary.
Anything you have to stick into people or that people take orally, there are a lot more hoops to jump through.
He decided to give her the antiviral again, but orally and in a lower, more continuous dose.
It is taken orally and is a live, but weakened, vaccine.
Sabin came up with a cheaper one which can be given orally, but which uses a weakened version of the virus.
The intestines would seem easier to treat than other areas, as drugs taken orally should eventually arrive there.
There are many systems today that do allow you to program your destination orally.
It works against a wide spectrum of bacteria and is administered orally.
Antibiotics given orally and at standard doses have some limited applications for periodontal disease.
He was ejected for orally and physically abusing tournament officials.
Woods, through his father, had committed orally to the tournament months ago.

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