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Oracular wisdom seems to be the common tongue up in the mountains.
In some instances well undoubtedly come to understand the oracular equations our software produces.
These things are seen with the naturalist's clear grave eyes and recorded in plain words with no attempt at oracular profundity.
They amount to oracular experiments in graphic semiotics.
And for a few yen a miniature scroll of oracular hoodoo can be had.
The more obscure and oracular his language became, the more followers-and detractors-he drew.
His rare pronouncements on art were treated as oracular in his time, and still are in ours.
Examples of appropriate continuing care expenses addictions related sober entertainment and oracular acupuncture.
There are too many histories already, such as they are--self-satisfied and oracular, but not one conclusive.
There are too many histories already, such as they are-self-satisfied and oracular, but not one conclusive.
But a surprising number of his songs still have an oracular power, even when he plays down their words to toy with their music.

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