opus in a sentence

Example sentences for opus

His next opus-to be published later this year-explores medicine and pathology.
You'd think that the omnipotent creator would have mentioned such a thing in its magnum opus.
He had the credentials before he wrote his magnum opus.
He strung them together into one incredible video that compresses all the news over the year into one seven-minute opus.
But no aspect of the playwright's roiling opus was more famous, in his own day, than his penchant for portraying deranged females.
Opus one has many amenities that include a bar and valet service.

Famous quotes containing the word opus

Boswell, when he speaks of his Life of Johnson, calls it my magnum opus, but it may more properly be called... more
At a tender age, I commandeered half a quire of foolscap from my father's desk and sat down to write a book. ...I had ob... more
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