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When nominations are made it is optional whether they are seconded or not.
We may give others a preference over him in optional good offices, except those which tend to his improvement.
Shellfish are optional, but always add glamour and color if you wish to include them.
Frying the crab first is optional, but it adds superb flavor and makes the crabmeat more tender.
Under the first version of the new plan, the département number was to have been an optional add-on.
And, by the way, an optional alternative tax system is not simple.
For insurers: an optional system of federal chartering and regulation, aimed primarily at protecting their safety and soundness.
Students then follow optional concentrations in the second year.
The programme begins with optional pre-programme courses in statistics and mathematics.
Optional information such as your age or gender may also be requested.
Our tester had optional twin captain's chairs in the second row, with a fridge in the rear center console.
Ford sent us one loaded with optional electronic nannies.
Soaking the bottles overnight is an optional step if you both clean and sterilize the bottles the next day.
Optional vestibule that works on either side of the tent.
Users can also turn on an optional voice recorder to capture your own description of events.
Whatever you think of standardized tests, going test-optional is not a piece of cake.
The university offers optional noncredit training to students in areas where there is no major.
Opportunities exist for optional summer employment through teaching, research grants, and other funding sources.
The usual teaching load is eight courses per academic year, with the possibility of optional summer teaching.
Optional responsibilities may include teaching organic chemistry labs.
The price of the tour includes hotel pick-up, but excludes gratuities, costs for optional activities and meals.
The only extra costs are airfare and optional excursions.
Depending on the particular vacation, alcoholic beverages, tips or optional extras may not fall under the set price.
Upgraded audio systems are standard on some, optional on others.
It's a niche worry, and should be optional for the traveling public.
Optional information such as your age or gender may also be requested.
All questions are optional, so you can quickly skip over confusing ones or those which you don't want to divulge.
Truthfulness in science is an iron law, not an optional extra.
Scientists have come to appreciate how optional intelligence is through several sorts of experiments.
But doing that upgrade is not optional, and it's a matter of willpower rather than technological breakthrough.
Actually, that's one of the first things everyone should do, on every optional decision.
Up the flavor ante with an optional drizzle of tangy balsamic syrup and a handful of blue cheese crumbles.
Optional information such as your age or gender may also be requested.
Some frames let you add music to slide shows for added--though mercifully optional--ambiance.
Toss all cooked, diced ingredients with the optional binder and any flavoring ingredients.

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