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To me it seems that the first option isn't really free will as factors, such as the taste, are beyond my realm of choice.
There are ways to develop universal health care coverage that don't include a public option.
Investors pay for the call option by forgoing some interest on the debt.
Gas is an option for cutting power plant emissions and addressing global warming in the short term.
They can hide beneath vegetation, but that's not always an option.
Pound and brown the everyday bird into a versatile weeknight option.
Market-battered tech firms are increasingly doling out new stock option packages, but leaving executives out of the bounty.
Tax the employee on the value of the option when issued.
Students also have the option of living on campus during the summer.
What the diplomatic option needs, however, is a serious makeover.
Bar soap is a convenient option for the bathroom, but when a bar gets to be too small, it becomes unwieldy and inconvenient.
Compare some renewable favorites to a nuclear option.
Hopefully as more people see this as an option it will become more affordable.
Altering the ecosystem in your garden isn't always an option.
At the end of the options list, they include an option to read the menu in a pirate voice.
Employees may elect to pay a premium for a higher health option.
Digital edition is often not option do to lousy networks.
Use the recirculate option instead of constantly cooling hot air from outdoors.
The panel has the option of recommending treatment, a small fine, or no sanction.
Cutting off the wattles of roosters and seeing how the behavior of hens changed wasn't an option.
Your best and often only dining option will be at your lodging.
In other words, get ready for the sales clerk to offer you yet another option along with the useless extended warranty.
Mobilizing our campus services and educational mission is no longer an option.
Job losses will often push underwater borrowers into default since a sale isn't a realistic option.
Another option would split planets into subcategories.
The other option is to work with a genome sequence and create chromosomes from that.
Each of our recipes gives you the option to take it easy and use cooked crabs, or to take the plunge and cook them yourself.
Already, one option delete that's put a hitch in the giddy-up of would-be truck buyers is the lack of a manual transmission.
And a real choice must include the option of leaving the euro.
If starting an outdoor compost pile isn't an option for you, experiment with various indoor compost projects.
Most of us, after a brief indecision, would choose an option.
So many in this country do not have a secure water source, bottled water is their only option.
Bars and brownies are a great option when you want to bake a lot of cookies in a short amount of time.
Apple is the cheap option, as well as the only option anyone actually wants.
The third option is some kind of insurance scheme but the details sound tricky.
In the end the scientists concluded that culling was the more humane option.
If other transmitters interfere with your reception, your only real option is to wait out the problem.
In a perfect economic world, it seems clear, subsidies are never a good option.
If you're concerned about how your actions affect the environment, eco-friendly clothing is an attractive option.
So, if you live in a place with a lot of coal, don't use that option.
Individuals who are driven by that kind of creative desire seem to have no option but to follow it.
The firm was one of the first to supply nurseries with starter plants, giving gardeners a faster option than sowing seeds.
If countries are forced to leave, they should seriously consider this option.
Fire extinguishers based on mists would be a lighter option for aircraft, spacecraft, ships and libraries-any enclosed space.
Another option currently being shunned capitalizes on the peak oil phenomena.
We're crossing our fingers that this will be miracle cure while also looking for a less expensive option.
So perhaps euro exit isn't the easy option after all.
With a little effort, you can find almost any conventional gift in an eco-friendly option.
Having the option of downloading the video would solve this problem.
There's also a deliriously good cheese-and-smoked brisket option.
But then there is the option that sets so many on edge.
Since recycling polystyrene is difficult and reusing it is unsafe, the best option is to use less plastic cutlery.
We seem to have exhausted option two, if these scientists are right.
So planting trees or tall shrubs to give them the desired screening wasn't a viable option.
Ideally savers will not take advantage of that option.
Tapping into the ground offers another option to regulate household heating and cooling.
Mulching is the better option if you expect hot, dry weather or drying winds.
The conference is in a pretty remote location so that wasn't an option.
Modern guitarists have a new option when it comes to learning their instrument.
If divorce isn't an option for you, maybe living away for a few days a week would work, or some other arrangement.
It is safe to bet that a flying motorcycle will never be a practical transportation option.
All users also will get an option to prevent contact from people outside their age group.
It therefore remains an option more for early adopters than for normal motorists.
Find the right gift option to meet your goals and objectives.
Cycling is a bummer for riders who don't have the option to change clothes post-commute.
When you encounter folks who are so poverty-stricken, it's a gruesome option for them but it is an option.
It would be perfect if it were further developed to sustain body weight so that sitting was an option.
Then, when you get away you still have the option to return if you want.
When you play, you have the option of going up against players around the world.
Some see this chance for an education as their only chance in life, their last option.
One option is to wait for the market to decide when the buildings should come down.
Wings give birds the option of leaving harsh winters behind.
Work day is more flexible, with the option to occasionally telecommute.
Audacity is your best software option because it's pretty good and free.
Unfortunately, returning to the scene is not always an option.
While finding a new home for your old gear is preferable, recycling is also an option.
Option two strikes me as more unlikely, but we're all operating as if it were the case.
Another option is plasma engines, which operate using super-heated gas as fuel.
Such issues make liquid hydrogen a compelling option.
Alternately the authors could be given the option of removing their own duplicates with a simple authentication routine.
Certainly imagining these robots working together systematically is no longer an option.
The option of a no-fly zone may yet gain ground, however.
Many have it in their option to be actually represented.
He captured it in a way that made amnesia no longer an option.
The best option, of course, would be if everyone stopped using disposable products altogether.
There is another option, a southern route for the highway that would actually serve more people currently cut off from the world.
If misting is your only option, be sure to thoroughly wet them several times a week.
But the gain from an option is taxable as soon as the shares are acquired.
But this second option is now all but inevitable, and the sooner it happens the better.
Last month the company announced it would exercise the option.
The combination of fixed interest rates and an option to prepay helps to shield borrowers from interest-rate risks.
Senior administration officials say they do have a preferred option, but they declined to identify it.
The more volatile the underlying stock, the more valuable is the option to convert into equity.
Even the hair-shirt option, then, will bring only short-term relief.
Even so, the high tax bill that would be triggered by a break-up could make this an unattractive option.
Freezing organs isn't an option, as the cells dehydrate.
And thanks to evolution, it seems, the bats don't really have an option.
Even controversial nuclear energy is considered a viable option.
For novice players, there is also an option where rotation of pieces is not required.
As an option, they can shade the locations with colored pencils.
Option bonuses are accounted for in the year that they were earned.
The option to teach summer courses is available contingent on enrollment.
Your second option is to go with the portable digital recorder, but add an external mic.
Another good dinner option is quinoa, the perfect grain.
Another option for grilled fruits borrows a page from the savory side of the kitchen, using the en papillote technique.
We will be offering an ocean fish entree, with a vegetarian option.
The majority of industrialized nations make a service charge obligatory in restaurants, with an option to tip after it.
The first option provides a truly private framework.
On organized futures and options markets, it is essentially impossible to obtain a long-dated option.
Later they had the option of typing entire books into a computer, so that the machine could do the counting.
It's important that everyone in the room agreed that default is not an option.
The downside of this option, as suggested above, is that one year is an awfully short time horizon for getting this done.
Newspapers honed their policies in the print age, when appending a correction was the best feasible option.
Diabetes is big business, and many have been convinced that managing it forever is their only option.
Similarly, it was clear that the public option was dead long before its obituary ran.
Or, if they have only one nearby option, they could choose with more confidence online.
Cleaning your gutters now and then is the best environmental option and may preclude any need for replacement.
The hot water option for weed control is impractical beyond the back door.
While medications may be a promising option, their efficacy over the long term has yet to be proven.
But this year teachers have for the first time been offered the option of teaching the experiments to younger students.
Because absolute certainty is rarely an option, regulatory programs would not be effective if such proof were required.
Now there is a third option, researchers say, one that takes a little bit from the cradle and a little bit from the museum.
In this case, you go to the picture on your phone and select print as an option for sending that picture.
One option is to do nothing and let nature runs its course, however cruel that may be.
Surprisingly, studies show that the majority of people select the first option.
Pumping the box with methanol or warm water to keep its temperature higher is one option.
They are unwilling to seriously consider the possibility that suicide may be the best option for some people.
And if life has become too burdensome, the ability to volitionally end it must be an option.
So they gave the robots the option of sharing their food equally among all the others in their group.
Human growth hormone might be a valid option instead of steroids to make stronger astronauts.
She accepted the fact that she might have a serious illness brewing, but watchful waiting was the only treatment option.
Option one is that you live a normal life, aging naturally as your genes and lifestyle choices allow.
We have to change the whole system to get rid of this problem, no other option is available.
If they're exposed and threatened, running isn't an option.
But doomsday scenarios tend to freak people out, and simply waiting for it not to happen isn't an option.
So it's a better option to give up and turn to me-perhaps the smartest strategy of all.
When sunlight streams from above, they choose the see-through option.
And although you say that you want one option, the truth is that you are undecided.
Sadly, for some of us the only option is to go out-of-country for treatment or die.
Interested researchers always have the option of contacting the authors and doing some professional networking.
In this case, playacting was the only option available.
In the best of cases, exile is a literary option, similar to the option of writing.
Setting the default option that doctors will present to patients requires us to make value judgments.
If the price had gone up you would be in the money and if it went down you lost whatever it had cost you to buy the option.
But of course it also had, in the case of a defeat, the option of declaring an imperishable martyrdom.
The brokers didn't say that if house prices simply flattened out, that option might no longer be available.
Your supermarket likely sells many varieties of apples, but when you shop for bananas you usually have one option.
Tells about the corrosive effect of stock-option plans on company value.
It's an ingenious take on the go-to takeout option, a brilliantly simple invention that makes you wonder why it's not everywhere.
Even if they didn't exercise that option, though, their salaries would continue for life.
Given the situation bequeathed to him and to the nation, pleasure was not an option.
Or, option to show large icons for visually impaired.
One promising storage option is a new kind of battery made with all-liquid active materials.
Surgery, another option, has risks of complications.
And if you want a higher end cell phone, contracts are your only option.
One option is to install automatic disconnect circuits, which can cut down on parasitic losses.
In the past, nuclear technology has been perceived as the cheapest option.
Solar being forecast as future energy option many companies including software are entering into solar business.
One option is to create blades in sections that could be put together on the wind farm.
At present, choosing the best therapy option for a patient is in part a trial-and-error process that can take weeks.
Digital zoom although a cheaper option has some serious drawbacks.
It could be an option for people who live in temperate climates.
Friends and relatives, obviously, don't really have the option of not making kind inquiries.
And moving the entire industry offshore isn't a good option, either.
And now there is a more modern option of a lounge suit.
Before you answer, let's be perfectly clear about one thing: you have no good option.
But, for his better players, the street is not the only option.
We plan to add the option to subscribe in the coming months.
Virtual colonoscopies offer a less-intrusive procedure than the more uncomfortable optical option.

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