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We're thinking about ways to optimize the science from the mission.
The contoured hood adjusts two ways to optimize neck mobility.
Looking at the available data, engineers decide on a flow rate that they feel will optimize the infrastructure project.
These gardens make the best use of space and design to optimize outdoor living.
Designers optimize today's jet engines for either fuel efficiency or speed, but not for both.
The researchers have designed a system so that fridge case manufacturers can optimize their companies' designs.
Learn how to minimize topsoil loss and optimize water retention.
Newer studies suggest that this approach may improve outcomes as well as intensive treatment to optimize blood sugars.
The best is to optimize planning in order to minimize air traveling.
The primary goal of organic production is to optimize the health of the food and the people eating it.
The trick is to optimize the number of layers and to optimize layer thickness.
The secret, it turns out, is all in what you optimize for.
We were able to observe the occultation stars at different exposure times to help optimize our data-taking strategy.
The real point is to be pragmatic to optimize benefit and minimize cost.
The software uses a built-in webcam to judge your distance from the screen and optimize the graphics.
The system also includes smaller cameras and a special film to optimize quality.
Side baffles optimize bag warmth by keeping the down evenly distributed.
We need to optimize the science and that means taking out the human element from space exploration.
Apple says its new operating system will optimize multi-core systems.
Dimples have traditionally been spherical in shape, but it is possible to optimize the aerodynamic performance of other shapes.
Thought to optimize levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, enhancing concentration and turning mundane tasks into wondrous ones.
Of course science is a good way to optimize health care.
In each location, ongoing work will optimize the advisories.
The tools will help developers optimize sites for the browser.
They were the kids of parents that wanted to optimize the future for their kids.
Airlines need to team up with railway lines to optimize the effectiveness of our railway and airport systems.
Said battery is said to feature a new stable temperature regulation function to optimize performance.
Processing plants and retailers have no way to identify or predict future supply and thus cannot optimize their investments.
Also, claiming that markets would optimize around alternative modes of transport disregards short-term uncertainty.
It all boils down to why, and what tax and regulatory issues you need to optimize.
Shift course to optimize category points where needed.
And if you spray it in your nose you can optimize your nasal defenses.
To speed up the action and optimize the effects of the marine oligo-elements and minerals, a cold algae mask is applied on top.
That's because they will be coordinating all the drivers' movements to optimize overall flow.
They need the aid of both their patients and various other medical professionals to optimize health outcomes.
The money they raise will be used to further refine their design, test it, and optimize its components.
On solid-core, it seems pretty unremarkable to me that feathers may have developed over time to optimize weight-strength ratio.
However, if sleep deprivation is inevitable, it's still possible to optimize your sleeping schedule.
Within the evidence adduced, close observance of details may optimize the edition in five or six cases.
Micro-inverters optimize the voltage-current levels at each panel individually.
Another reason to gather this kind of data is that it can be used to optimize the design of the car.
The next step is to optimize the molecules for use in a device that can detect dry particles of explosives.
Then elastic polymer beads to optimize and tune grip for a given task.
While the foldable circuits are fully optimized, he says that his team is still working to optimize the stretchable circuits.
The market can optimize the recycling of aluminum for fuel use.
Doing such with more knowledge on how to optimize it would perhaps give more results.
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