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Optical processing is expected to have applications for the military and for industrial robot vision systems.
It uses paper ballots which are scanned by an optical reader.
Scientists use optical illusions to study how the brain allows itself to be tricked.
Yet optical networks are not a completely new development.
Making super thin laptops isn't the only thing you can do when you ditch bulky optical drives.
Lasers may send information flying in tiny bursts of light through optical fibers across oceans and cities.
Many laser printers use an optical sensor to measure toner levels.
The nerve bundles, which are presumed to be light-sensitive, transmit the optical information to the rest of the nervous system.
In the next step, the possible malfunction accounting for the optical phenomena is noted.
Rapid, unconscious eye movements explain a famous optical illusion in which a still image appears to move.
The study also suggested that wearing a tight tie could throw off the findings of tests for glaucoma during optical exams.
Cynicism about the regime's intentions is so entrenched that few observers see this as more than an optical illusion.
Since a rainbow is an optical illusion, it doesn't have an actual endpoint.
The optical lasers, each with a slightly different frequency, imparted momentum to the atoms.
The treatment uses an optical fiber tube to deliver light directly to obstructed vessels.
The switches that route the information are not based on optical technology, but instead use electrical components.
Image produced by combining and coloring optical and x-ray data.
The laptop on the user's backpack supplies the computer graphics that are superimposed on the optical see-through display.
It is expected to be marketed in this country primarily to retail optical centers.
The planet's dense cloud layer definitely covers the surface pretty thoroughly, as seen in optical images.
Optical interferometry has already become more than a technical curiosity.
Next-gen optical camouflage is busting out of defense labs and into the street.
We're running into a barrier that we've run up against several times before: the limits of optical lithography.
The really old optical mice needed a special mouse mat.
There are neither the optical effects of varying focal lengths nor the full quality, since only part of the pixels have been used.
Technically, it wasn't possible, not to the optical standard he wanted.
One current use of optical tweezers is to insert genes into cells.
These cameras have a simple optical viewfinder, which allows fast framing of a shot.
The first studies calculated the optical properties needed for an invisibility cloak to work for a single color of light.
The optical properties of obscurant can be tailored such that they develop transparency at narrow, tunable wavelengths.
And found that the rod moved upward and to the side-a sign of optical lift.
Escher's bag of optical tricks to get your eyes to solve logic problems.
It should reject electronic voting machines and go with optical scans.
They called their invention an optical maser--basing the name on an earlier technique for amplifying microwaves.
But a powerful laser could probably burn sensitive optical sensors on a satellite, doing permanent damage.
But a new study of optical images has failed to detect any signs of structures encircling the natural satellite.
The intergalactic baryons are too hot and too diffuse to be detected by optical telescopes.
The less time a camera's optical eye is open, the less time a subject has to move.
The virtuous motive is the anti-rainbow, an optical illusion you can also see close up.
Still, it could be useful one day, for instance in new types of optical switches for computers.
The team used a combination of physical and optical mapping to arrive at the findings.
Optical telescopes see only the bright galaxies in this composite image.
By using optical energy they can send energy over long-range distances.
It also has applications in design of optical processors.
The chemical and optical characters of the two portions are identical with those of the rods.
But his best results have often come through more inventive means: video games, optical illusions, physical challenges.
His eye was torn open and the optical nerve laid bare.
The narrator is not sure if this actually happened, or if it was an optical illusion.
But that is largely an optical illusion, reinforced by an antiquated national accounting system.
Someday there may be optical character recognition software that turns those scribbles into manipulable text.
The retinal image is a step from the introduction of optical stimuli to conscious perceptions.
But the discovery also shows how profitable it might be to monitor the whole sky with ordinary optical telescopes.
The effect is to narrow the range of wavelengths that can be bent by an optical shroud.
It was a tough ask for modern optical-character-recognition software, too, which had to be trained to accommodate it.
Cut pages are overlaid with vellum to create festive optical illusions.
Exhibits include optical illusions and eccentric sculptures and sets of recovered deep-sea treasures.
For example, he says, radio waves could be used to make a scaled-up version of an optical spanner.
At the same time, the two applied for a patent on the optical device proposed in their paper.
Differences in optical rotation may also correlate to profound differences in the response of the human body to a compound.
The real magic is an optical property of calcite called anisotropy.
Optical lift is different from the aerodynamic lift created by an airfoil.
In the computer revolution, the optical disk is poised to be the all-purpose storage medium of choice.
Only reliable data based on direct optical observation is acceptable.
Optical microscopes are great for viewing living samples, but their resolution is limited by the properties of light.
In the image, the diagonal lines are an optical effect inside the telescope itself.
Deep images in visible light also show the material, but it looks blue as it reflects the optical light from the stars.
They monitor each of them on a day-to-day basis with ground-based radars optical sensors.
Not only a spectacular picture of the shuttle reentry put an optical illusion as a bonus.
The other is to use optical technology to unscramble the effects of turbulence.
Optical connections can carry thousands of times more data per second than copper wires can.
On one side, bold visionaries are bringing the tremendous information-carrying capacity of optical fibers all the way to homes.
Indeed, various teams have built real invisibility cloaks that hide objects from view in both the microwave and optical bands.
The experiment would use a series of beam splitters, devices used in optical networking to split laser beams in two.
The question is how far from the perpendicular can you go before an isotropic optical carpet cloak gives you away.
So the system acted as a spectral and optical concentrator.
Engineers have already made a number of optical devices with silicon.
Their motor consists of one neutral atom and one charged atom trapped in a ring-shaped optical lattice.
The video was made using an imaging technology called optical-coherence tomography.
Record-breaking optical fibers for global communications.
Furthermore, the directional nature of laser light means that optical pulses in different places won't interfere with each other.
Some are working to improve communication between nearby computer chips or along the optical network.
That's in stark contrast to other types of switching where optical losses are an important limitation of switching performance.
Such sensors could be much smaller than standard optical-based detectors and simpler to use.
Below it are optical micrographs of inverters--circuit components--from the above circuit.
Virtual colonoscopies offer a less-intrusive procedure than the more uncomfortable optical option.
Designers took tiny, flexible optical fibers developed for high-energy physics experiments and wove them into ordinary fabric.

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