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Although their eyes and optic nerves were functional, the region of their brains involved in visual processing had been damaged.
The bullet severed the optic nerve in his right eye before shattering his jaw and then lodging in his neck near his jugular vein.
In a good many cases, less than one ounce of this alcohol has caused atrophy of the optic nerve.
Fiber-optic cables can transmit more data at a faster pace than other technologies.
When he makes a long-distance phone call, his words are transmitted by laser light along a fiber-optic cable.
Flexible fiber-optic scopes are typically used to examine or treat ailments of organs such as the throat and colon.
But the fly has evolved optic nerves hardwired directly to its wings, so it can still reverse direction before hitting the web.
Swim at night in the heated and fiber optic-lighted pool.
Two artists want your help constructing a nine-panel fiber optic tapestry.
Beneath the concrete lies another traffic conduit: fiber-optic lines made for moving information rather than vehicles.
Most sources believe the optic nerve somehow crosses with the trigeminal nerve, which corresponds with sneeze production.
Diagram of the eye shows the effects of glaucoma on the optic nerve.
Temporal arteritis-- inflammation of an artery in the brain that supplies blood to the optic nerve.
Optic gliomas occur in the optic nerve and other parts of the eye.
Fibre-optic links can transmit digital data still faster than traditional broadband.
The fiber optic and shielded cable technology is available today.
However, it does not harm the optic nerve, which transmits electrical impulses from the retina to the brain.
There is water for cooling, fast fibre-optic links, and the remoteness provides security.
But it does not harm the optic nerve, which transmits electrical impulses from the retina to the brain.
There really is no long-term evolutionary path other than dense fibre-optic networks serving each and every household and firm.
The telecoms boom left a glut of fibre-optic cable along trunk routes, but this links directly only to the largest customers.
Laying optic-fibre cable is a straightforward engineering challenge that takes only will and money.
In patients with glaucoma, fluid builds up within the eye and puts pressure on the optic nerve.
Similar calculations would probably apply to the investment in fibre-optic cables better suited to rising demand.
It has the second-largest fibre-optic network in the capital, providing good but expensive digital-telephone lines.
The arrival of new submarine fibre-optic cables will boost bandwidth, cut costs and stimulate businesses that rely on technology.
Cutting the fibre-optic cables that connect a country to the world, for example, might seem easy.
The optic chiasma is formed by the meeting and partial decussation of the fibers of the two optic nerves.
The peripheral parts of the vesicles expand, while the proximal parts are reduced to tubular stalks, the optic stalks.
The primary divisions of the brain are visible, and the optic and auditory vesicles are formed.
It seems then the light doth no more than shake the optic nerves.
There's no tint of pain, real pain, in the sensations of the optic nerve.
Technologically speaking, the latest fiber-optic cables have nothing on a small deep-sea sponge.
Unlike fiber-optic networks, the wireless network cannot double in capacity by simply adding electronics.
They had developed a system using parabolic mirrors to collect sunlight and channel it along plastic fiber-optic cable.
Light needs to be sensed, an electric signal can be generated from light, optic nerves can be thus stimulated.
Sometimes the optic nerves swell so badly they bulge into the back of the eye, degrading vision and causing retinal hemorrhages.
It's time for cities to bring fast, reliable fiber-optic broadband to every home and business.
In their microscope setup, a fiber-optic wire spat out photons as a piezoelectric crystal made it vibrate in two dimensions.
The anatomy of the optic nerve suggests that covering one eye does not cause input to only one brain hemisphere.
One way it plans to meet this lofty goal is to build out its fiber-optic infrastructure.
Trilobites may have evolved such sophisticated eye-lenses to maximise optic neurone response in a dimly lit environment.
It seems this device would be the perfect modulator for an all photonic router between fiber optic cables.
The beetle begins to fly when its optic lobes are stimulated.
At the point where the optic nerve is connected in a normal eye, there's a patch in the retina that doesn't respond to light.
Also, what appears to be the optic nerve is much smaller than its foramen.
The reflected light is fed through a special fibre-optic cable that makes different wavelengths travel at different speeds.
The camera could be internal with say only a small fibre optic cable poking out to gather light.
The electrodes stimulate the neurons in the retina, which send secondary signals down the optic nerve to the brain.
The drops protected the animals' retinal ganglion cells and optic nerves, both of which are generally damaged by the disease.
Quantum encryption could also soon be a common component of fiber-optic cable networks.
No surprise, then, that some engineers are looking to the living world for the next generation of optic inspirations.
Our brains don't use celluloid with an optic sound track attached to it.
In another room, a ball rolls down a ramp and through an archway strung with fiber-optic infrared sensors.
It's believed that these geometric patterns derive from the optic system itself.
Television transmitters are quickly giving way to fiber-optic cables and direct-broadcast satellites.
Once the marvel of the telecom world, the first undersea fiber optic cables have reached the point of telecom obsolescence.
The researchers' method looks for metabolic changes in the cells of the retina and optic nerve due to disease.
The information racing across the country in huge fiber-optic pipes hits a snarl under city streets.
Once there's a spike, there's a limited amount of time you have to act before it does permanent damage to the optic nerve.
Oscillating electrical pulses delivered to the beetle's optic lobes trigger takeoff, while a single short pulse ceases flight.
Sunlight could be channeled to the underground plants through fiber optic cables.
Broderick survived, but his optic nerve was destroyed.
He diagnosed an inflammation of the optic nerve and suggested she visit a neurologist after her trip.
Fiber-optic cables need erbium, europium, terbium and yttrium.
Too much ocular fluid building up in the eyes squeezes the optic nerve, impairing sight.
What it does have a problem with is making sense of the sea of chatter it sucks out of the air and the world's fiber-optic cables.
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