opt out in a sentence

Example sentences for opt out

Other people should be able to opt out without penalty.
Then voluntarily opt out of using the new technology once it becomes convenient to use.
Authors and publishers could opt out of the program.
When things are not going well, they can opt out of their commitments to others.
People can opt out, but they have to pay toward a fund.
Those confident of good health and long life would opt out of the pool, causing other people's premiums to skyrocket.
Canceling customers must opt out of the continued surveillance monitoring program, according to the privacy policy.
Users have the option to either edit their profiles or opt out entirely.
Try to convince everyone you can to also opt out of the scan.
Some high school students are choosing to opt out of military options.
Automatic enrolment puts the onus on the worker to opt out rather than to opt in.
Most people cannot opt out of it, you get some benefit in retirement no matter how rich you are.
Millions of them opt out of the system all together which leave the costs to be recouped by those with insurance.
Rather than codifying an opt-in principle, the charter should make it easier for people to opt out of online mapping services.
There is no theoretical justification for giving companies a complete opt out from our duty to behave morally.
That's capitalism and those who want to opt out of risk should have no expectation of remaining wealthy.
The differences exist despite the fact that workers can easily opt out of the default arrangement.
So any firm that decides to opt out may raise concerns among investors and customers.
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