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If you choose to opt in, information about all your purchases is made available to your friends.
Imagine if every company you had never done business with required you to opt out of their junk mailings.
When climbers opt to climb without a rope, they lose the luxury of learning from mistakes.
Others tend to see more similarities between fossils and opt for trees with fewer offshoots.
If you do opt for an eco-friendly paint, use a matching primer.
Users can opt out of receiving these sorts of ads by clicking on an icon on the banner.
They will opt to placate or to challenge a questioner.
Automatic enrolment puts the onus on the worker to opt out rather than to opt in.
For an even more remote experience, opt for one of the eight secluded cottages that dot the property.
The theory goes that, if the toll is high enough, some drivers will cancel their trips or opt for the bus or rails.
One of the reasons many opt for wood-burning features is concern about global climate change.
Canceling customers must opt out of the continued surveillance monitoring program, according to the privacy policy.
Certainly true, and students with low levels of computer literacy will simply opt for other modes of learning.
To escape the sun on a hot summer day, opt for a waterfall hike instead.
Other people should be able to opt out without penalty.
University libraries should opt out of the e-book market until it conforms itself to the values, needs, and wallets of academe.
He is determined to abolish the right of some defendants to opt for a trial by jury.
Some are independent by nature and opt to live on their own in countryside cells.
Too many people are not truly capable of loving others, but opt instead to cling to someone as a quick cure for insecurity.
Users have the option to either edit their profiles or opt out entirely.
Previously, corporate customers had to opt in to enable the banking group to share client information.
Admission is free, and you can opt to buy a lottery ticket to win a recording of the concert from the week before.
Then voluntarily opt out of using the new technology once it becomes convenient to use.
If there is no long-term visibility for that position, any well-managed company will opt for a contractor.
As an organization, the garden may opt to purchase or obtain a long-term lease of the land.
The legal system determines who is violent, and prisoners opt in or not, entirely voluntary.
It was left to users to figure out how to opt in for extra security.
Instead, it will opt for a government to spend to its perceived needs, which may of course change with the mood of the electorate.
Most people book safaris with a private guide, but some opt for a group experience.
Customers may be able to opt out if they value speed above price.
Users will also be able to opt out from being targeted by ads that rely on their profiles.
What it means in practice is that some countries opt for projects of closer integration that others prefer to avoid.
If you prefer it short, opt for a miniskirt instead.
Hospital surgeries reduce the infection rate, but many boys opt for the old rite.
High-volume users of voice will either have to opt for a more expensive monthly plan or switch to a regular phone contract.
We've decided to wait out the rush, to opt for an attempt a few days later in slightly higher winds.
The question they wanted to answer is why people opt for bigger serving sizes.
Rarely will you get a heavy downpour, which is why many locals opt to forgo the umbrella and wear a hooded rain jacket instead.
Opt for refillable pens made from recycled plastic or biodegradable plastic created from corn starch.
If you have a smaller head, you may want to opt for something different or plan on wearing a hat under it.
So a consumer could opt to get their power from a company taking part in such a partnership.
Try to avoid business travel, opt for remote meetings and teleconferences instead.
Authors and publishers could opt out of the program.
Rather than codifying an opt-in principle, the charter should make it easier for people to opt out of online mapping services.
But it will allow extra technical freedom to the teams that opt for it.
The lesson here, as with all social data sharing, is that you shouldn't opt in unless you fully understand the consequences.
We're updating our privacy policy to make these new features possible, and you're able to opt out.
As for mobile marketing, he says, consumers are always asked if they want to opt in to ads related to their cellphone location.
Huck's decision to opt out lessens that advantage somewhat.
Publishers and authors can opt out of the programme.
Opt for the east shore for a spectacular sunset view, the west shore to imbibe some morning sun with your coffee.
Many folks opt for the latter for financial reasons.
We can opt for a little of both the familiar and the new.
Or you can opt for the adapters, which twist in and accept a regular plug.
They opt out of state funding and get private firms to secure their ventures.
During the third trimester or summer students may opt for an exchange placement.
As incomes rise, more shoppers will opt to drive to large, air-conditioned stores and load up on groceries.
If you're tired or hung over you can opt for a day downtown in a museum.
They strongly prefer somebody who would opt to not buy out.
To many opponents vaccination feels involuntary though there are opt outs.
Authors could opt to post drafts of their articles online, open them up for anyone to comment on, and then revise accordingly.
Make no mistake, there are trade-offs when you opt-in and use free tools.
To replicate itself, it has to infiltrate your cells and co-opt their machinery.
When replacing yard fences, instead of building a wooden fence, opt for a living fence.
The business plan led to a second misstep, because it included a dubious opt-out clause.
People can opt out, but they have to pay toward a fund.
After all, they can always co-opt the alternatives if the alternatives begin to cut into market share.
Even telephone contact with a center counselor helps people to overcome the crisis and opt for life.
Those confident of good health and long life would opt out of the pool, causing other people's premiums to skyrocket.
Some doctors opt for treatment and others opt for simply monitoring patients.
That's the same deadline for authors and publishers to decide to opt out or oppose the settlement.
If the pain persists, doctors may opt to inject the thumb area with a cortisone shot.
The first is an opt-out from social and employment legislation.
And the user can opt, if he wishes, to have the computer read the whole text out loud.
Most bacteria opt for an easy life breaking down organic material that is already dead.
Religious and aristocratic elites first tried to stop, then control, then co-opt the new medium.
Even so, users would still have to opt out of sharing information with third parties, rather than having to opt in to do so.
Otherwise, you can opt to purchase individual train tickets at the train station.
The rule allows anyone working in health care to opt out of providing care or services they oppose on moral or religious grounds.
Health care professionals can opt to work in a variety of settings and shifts.
But, if you want something that you can take with you and use anywhere, opt for a smartphone.
There is also a box at the bottom of the list to opt out of such mailings.
Members don't need to opt-out because the product is opt-in.
But unless you opt for running boards or side steps, getting into the cabin can be a challenge.
Still, hospitals often opt for the more error-prone models, which often are cheaper to operate.
Or fix your own food if you opt to stay in an all-suites property that has mini-kitchens.
If he goes no further than mentioning the opt out he should be fine.
He also could opt to commute their sentences to life in prison.
And if you opt to skip the art, chances are there's a willing shopping companion in the group.

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