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The media focus solely on poverty and the cycle of oppression.
Millions more are agricultural workers trapped in an inescapable cycle of extreme poverty, illiteracy, and oppression.
Why don't you get a decent job that doesn't involve the oppression of intelligent mammals.
The fear was that they'd be used as tools of oppression.
Remember, this is a state that has lived through forty plus years of hellish oppression.
In particular, there was fraud and cozenage in the law, injustice and oppression.
The oppression of the thought that all feeling was dead within me, was gone.
The people had been living under oppression for fourteen years.
Centuries of oppression have built centuries of resentment.
Oppression and the violence it spawns have destroyed many, but by no means all.
Its society is relatively homogeneous but grievances abound after four decades of oppression.
There is no reason to resort to oppression of free speech here.
Oppression and censorship are more and more becoming things of a seemingly despondent and receding world.
More often than not countries who have suffered under severe oppression never really have the chance to share their stories.
It's simply a spontaneous uprising of people against despotism, because of more than two decades of oppression.
It's a stunning work of close observation and simple description, and a devastating study of the psychology of oppression.

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