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Despite efforts to help students from oppressed groups get into college, once they are there, prejudices remain.
We need to understand why the word was used, who used it, and the ways it oppressed and continues to oppress.
Oppressors will always find a way to explain their treatment of the oppressed, often eloquently.
And when the oppressed aren't interested in literature, writers aren't as likely to take on a political role defending them.
Then we'll beat the war drum and say it was angry white guys that oppressed you.
There is no parallel instance of an oppressed race thus sustained by the religious sentiment alone.
There is an idea that creativity is born out of social conflict, in the sense that people write better when they are oppressed.
Being poor is much less interesting-even to poor people-than being oppressed.
Because the ruling system has even oppressed our capacity to dream.
He sees these as people who have been oppressed, who are taking their rightful role.
In contrast, there are many oppressed but starving populations that don't put up a fight.
He was a worshiper of liberty, a friend of the oppressed.
Night came on and sleep took possession of my frame oppressed with cares.
Relieved by the absence of that note of breathlessness which had oppressed it in earlier travel books, it gasped and then roared.
We have enough trouble treating other people decently without inventing a new oppressed minority.
You're constantly doing something and being kind of oppressed by some big need to get to some place.
The people are not only hungry and oppressed, but stone broke.
Yet he's oppressed by his skills, which link him with the dead but leave him no life of his own.
The time has come to end the grim symbiosis between the oppressor and the oppressed.
For others he was too timid, championing the oppressed but disbanding branches of his order when they became politically violent.
The reason may be that people who do not feel oppressed are unlikely to blame the tribe next door for their oppression.
Speechlessness is often the self-preserving hush of the powerless and oppressed.
One can be content if poor or rich, oppressed or free.
It's no science to say that poor, oppressed people will rise up eventually.
Their reason was that they will be oppressed if they return home to their caste system.
Twitter was a worthwhile invention if only for the freedom to communicate it gave in oppressed nations.
It also encourages contempt and a lack of empathy for the oppressed.
He seemed deeply oppressed and concerned at the prospect of indefinite escalation.
The eighteenth-century colonists who revolted were not by any stretch of the imagination an oppressed people.
People began to feel oppressed, not protected, by the military's insistence on guiding the country.
Stability is evil when a society is poor and oppressed.
He began to feel more and more oppressed by the censorious gaze of his neighbors, by the demand for respectability.
To understand the oppressed and side with them all you need to know is that there are oppressors.
The beleaguered, bespectacled office worker was oppressed during the downsizing era.
Not everyone is going to identify with people whose biggest problem is being oppressed by the household help.
It might honor a chieftain or sustain the resistance of an oppressed citizenry.
Argues that maternal aims such as physical protection helped empower oppressed mining audiences.

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