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They should not only study their own point of view, but be prepared to rebut the ideas of the opposing group.
Although there were opposing views, the books sold reasonably well and exceeded the publisher's initial expectations.
One such case opposing their exclusion from the park has misfired.
It could take much longer if opposing groups delay plans for field trials and safety studies.
His sailors catapulted pots full of venomous snakes onto the decks of the opposing fleet.
But the opposing axiom, that people write for prizes, survives.
Now those two opposing propositions are facing their moment of final confrontation.
In the half-dozen cases in which he has used computer animation, opposing counsel settled almost immediately.
We have lost the perception that reasonable persons of good will may hold opposing views.
When two opposing robots face off to get to the ramp, the screams are deafening.
Anytime you read a study that says one thing, look for the opposing view and review them both with an eye for finding the truth.
My lawyer made money by working with the opposing lawyer, having meetings with them and working for their mutual benefit.
By the way, what is your source on how many people in the world were opposing going to war.
There was no evidence to support the idea that they were opposing an authority.
Think the science is faulty, quote mainly non-scientific sources for opposing views.
So entanglement in a vacuum would be this particle and its anti-particle, literally opposing in every way.
Two opposing hypotheses cannot both be true at the same time in the same way.
They can both be false and a third unknown hypothesis could be true, but two opposing hypotheses cannot.
The opposing argument takes theocracy in a rather different sense.
Two opposing lines had developed within the movement.
Otherwise, she would have to make a concession to the opposing side.
The other, opposing reaction is to strengthen the hand of copyright owners.
They seemed reconciled to complaining about the revolution, but not opposing it.
Besides opposing integration, he also voted against antipoverty and open-housing legislation.
Anything that increases reproduction or survival rates will eventually swamp out opposing views.
They don't believe, but they're not going to make their own lives any harder by opposing it.
Sometimes, to make your point, you have to defend the opposing view with vigor.
If opposing scientists have been have truly been hushed, there is no scientific consensus regarding global warming.
The mechanism for the warming is completely theoretical and faces a broad spectrum of conflicting and opposing data.
So, it's not only in religion that folk belief is rampant and encouraged by opposing sides.
Economists offer two opposing, although not entirely incompatible, reasons for this unexpected flowering of heavy industry.
The two measures also give opposing results about long-term trends in hunger.
But many people who started off opposing them have changed their minds.
Nonetheless, it is worth reading for its fascinating discussion of the two painters' opposing approaches to their art.
Downturns have opposing effects: they make workers angry but also reduce their bargaining power.
Truth often comes from the clash of opposing thought.
On cutting agricultural tariffs, they simply added their opposing positions together.
It is both the number one target for religious extremism and the leading nation opposing that extremism.
It's not one of those shifty sorts that hold two opposing views, at once.
Disagreement can strengthen relationship and sometimes even helps to develop positions if one is open to opposing views.
Then there are those who have burned books to silence opposing views.
Such vehemently opposing views are typical in the fractured landscape of autism research.
From the first, critical and popular thinking positioned the two artists as the heads of opposing camps.

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