opposer in a sentence

Example sentences for opposer

Opposer has never alleged any excuse for this nonuse.
Opposer's goods, on the other hand, are electrical devices and accessories which are used to prepare food and coffee and tea.
Opposer is not regulated by the governmental agencies which oversee applicant's business activities.
Opposer also notes the substantial renown which its marks and trade name have achieved over the years.
Opposer made nothing of record during its trial period in this case.
Opposer and applicant filed main briefs on the case, and opposer filed a reply brief.
Opposer's registrations are for whiskey and liqueur.
Opposer also strongly argues that the fame of its mark is a factor to be weighed in its favor.
Opposer has given no explanation for this discrepancy.
Opposer has spent millions of dollars in advertising.
Opposer's business has also been the subject of a number of articles in the press.
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