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Students in our core business courses were given e-books this year as opposed to the traditional text.
And if it doesn't, they get to say they opposed it in the first place.
Deliver drugs to the bad cells as opposed to every cell.
Few books could present more implacably opposed views, and few could raise more provocative questions.
The cowboy was a positive image, as opposed to the hillbilly, which was considered a negative image.
In the previous seven years, only one of the mergers that had been brought here had been opposed.
Nearly all were opposed to a section of the regulations which prohibits the use of white phosphorus as an ingredient of matches.
The students, along with some faculty members, said they opposed the center.
However, there are so far no compelling data on how clouds are affecting warming in fact, as opposed to in models.
It's important to note that the experiment has been successful in cell cultures, as opposed to live mice.
Most chess sets come with opposed sets of identical pieces.
Flourishing as a successful contrarian requires both an understanding and, on some level, an embrace of what is being opposed.
It's been described to me as paintings that move, as opposed to linear animation.
But the faculty and staff unions that opposed the measures were also influential.
Both versions have a crumbling consistency and are made with buttermilk and baking soda, as opposed to yeast.
The film industry isn't opposed to tackling social issues as long as a consensus has formed around them.
Austerity measures are universally opposed by consumers, producers, and governments.
We can drive over mining roads right up to sites, as opposed to lugging heavy equipment a mile or more by foot.
Nelson replied that his group would be willing to work with hers to fight speech codes, which it has long opposed.
One of the values of photon transmission as opposed to electron is surge.
Allowing us to make informed choices as opposed to listening to the biggest liar.
She's no longer opposed to it, but doesn't want to embrace it either.
Those moments are memorable precisely because they give students a glimpse of us as people-as opposed to professional educators.
But some fear the rise of splinter groups opposed to giving up violence.
How they can have a living, breathing culture as opposed to a display cabinet view of culture.
Either you are morally opposed to eating meat or you aren't.
Dozens of copyright groups opposed the measure, saying it encourages infringement.
We're not exactly talking swimming in an infinity pool as opposed to a drainage ditch here, people.
Which may merely be coincidence, as opposed to causality.
But the main thing about a drug-induced coma, as opposed to a coma, is that it's reversible.
When subjects opposed a cause, the part of the brain right next to it was active.
Its two motives are a longing for simplicity of thought and feeling and a longing for country as opposed to town.
Its results contradicted the anticipations both of those who advocated and of those who opposed it.
Environmentalists often risk being perceived as pessimists opposed to everything.
People seem to want this, as opposed to urban tumult and squalor.
Turner's lawyer and accountant were firmly opposed to the idea.
Much of his early work centered on atomic energy, and he opposed both nuclear and coal-fired plants.
Cruelty can be righteously opposed, eventually dismissed.
Otherwise, he might have had to admit-among other things-that he strongly opposed the surge that his speech praised.
Her parents, who wanted her to study closer to home, vehemently opposed the idea.
Most of this is a result of being poor, not us being opposed to the trendy new technology.
Only administrators who had an interest in maintaining order publicly opposed the protests.
But science and religion as such are no more opposed to each other than are, say, art and literature.
The provision is opposed by regulators and, reportedly, by the administration.
Outright criticism of the shift was muted, even among bureaucrats opposed to the new approach.
Some lawmakers opposed strengthening police powers to snoop.
Study subjects with a preference for one candidate reported negative reactions while watching the speaker they opposed.
And you have to often change course in the middle in order to meet sociological issues as opposed to technological ones.
And in both groups, neural mirror activity increased in response to familiar action sounds as opposed to unfamiliar action sounds.
That's why kids perform better on multiple choice as opposed to written answer tests.
If you go through an orifice as opposed to an incision in the skin, the patient will have no scars.
As opposed the pointed right ear, this one ends bluntly.
Even at this remarkably low cost, however, some critics have opposed such an approach.
The once-popular rote learning had a valuable place in verbal as opposed to literate cultures.
We could put a serious dent into usage by adapting to use bidet's as opposed to toilet paper.
Our political dialog focuses much too much on imported oil as opposed to the problem of oil dependence.
It is opposed to relativism, which claims that there is not an unique truth.
But still one wonders how he expects to get the nomination from a party so bitterly opposed to that view.
But persuading other countries to clean up after a war they had opposed would be quite a trick.
We're not opposed to a shutdown showdown, but the policy stakes ought to be worth the political investment.
Everything is shot through this prism of short-term political calculation as opposed to thinking seriously about stuff.
On the other hand, that was in the middle of the night as opposed to the middle of the day.
Because it does encourage and embrace the underdog, as opposed to being cut down if you don't look a certain way.
It is a case of chronic scurvy, as opposed to acute scurvy, where the blood vessels split open.
There is also the usage-end to consider, as opposed to the production end.
There are all kinds of people who are opposed to us doing anything.
Those who are opposed to science will remain opposed to science regardless of the evidence.
The reader simply has the capability to arrive at the meaning being conveyed, even though he may be virulently opposed to it.
We tried to view complexity as complexity, as opposed to trying to oversimplify it.
Suppose you're opposed to public education, because in your view it represents excessive government involvement in education.
In the past four decades, the pendulum of approval has swung from three-to-one opposed to three-to-one in favor.
Her parents were bitterly opposed to the romance because of his marital status, and the couple had lived largely apart.
When his parents opposed their living together, the pair got married.

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