opportunity cost in a sentence

Example sentences for opportunity cost

Nor does the game consider the opportunity cost to the offerer.
Second, the real cost of consuming oil must include the opportunity cost and risk of not having oil in the future.
On the way home, you're mulling the opportunity cost: what you could have done with the five grand.
Our economy pays a major opportunity cost of paying these people to do something which adds no value except the avoidance of tax.
The opportunity cost of giving up on a potential suitor is lower.
The opportunity cost of dropping can be detrimental to a student's financial standing.
When interest rates eventually rise, the opportunity cost of holding gold will go up, taking off the shine.
What concerns me is the opportunity cost of these investments.
But the public good that we're buying through that opportunity cost is a real one.
They don't understand the concepts of opportunity cost and trade off.
None of them offer a decent yield, reducing the opportunity cost of holding gold.
There is also opportunity cost to consider: the things extinction could make harder.
The opportunity cost for them to stay in university is large and they risk injury by delaying going pro.
Everyone else is paying a huge opportunity cost to protect those farmers.
But there's a significant opportunity cost to research.
With a high opportunity cost to building reputation, both the biased and unbiased are less likely to play against type.
Whether a state desires to export these resources to forgo the local opportunity cost is their business.
We have to remember that there always is an opportunity cost for the public.
The less skilled face a smaller opportunity cost for their leisure.
They figure the opportunity cost of becoming one is too great.
The interest on operating inputs is the opportunity cost of the investment in total operating inputs during the year.
Thus, the opportunity cost of capital is the return available from employing that capital in its next best alternative use.
When people make choices, the highest-valued alternative choice that is given up is their opportunity cost.
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