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Some industry experts say that this is an opportune time to make a move into these nascent markets.
With a wretched economy and long to-do list, it hardly seems an opportune moment.
In brief, although another site could probably be found, research to reuse the spent nuclear fuel would be opportune.
It is hardly an opportune time to discuss a change in compensation models.
He and his cronies are waiting for an opportune moment.
All this could not have come at a more opportune time for frazzled cooks.
With a wretched economy and long to-do list, it is not an opportune moment.
The pursuit of the record could not have come at a more opportune time for baseball.
If there ever was a financially opportune time to invest in green technology it is now.
Whether this makes it more or less intransigent is open to debate, but the moment is opportune for it to declare a ceasefire.
Now is an opportune time to do something about this and change the system.
But for many other hotels, now is anything but an opportune time to renovate.
Now that rap-rock is ubiquitous, it's an opportune time for hip-hop to reconnect with power chords and arena-shaking choruses.
The mainstream success of these shirts comes at an opportune time.
Now would be a particularly opportune time to change the system.
Police officers, they said, do not recognize signs of exploitation and do not ask the right questions at an opportune time.
At the opportune moment he was to tilt his head upward and, gazing heavenward, send a presidential greeting to the astronauts.
Wars and vendettas have always ravaged churches, marketplaces, anyplace that happened to be in the way or opportune.
The are probably using thyristors to commutate the currents to the proper coils at the opportune times.
Renewed interest in malaria at home and abroad makes this a politically opportune time for new initiatives.
There were several reasons why this was an opportune time for such an event.
The moment, too, was opportune in the opinion of both coalitions.
There may have never been so opportune a time to look a loan shark in the eye and tell him to take a hike.
Revisiting seems opportune if a chef has left or if a restaurant has changed hands or menu.
Moreover, an opportune navigational mistake had landed the troops at a practically unguarded stretch of the beach.
Historically, times of recession have proved opportune for starting new businesses.

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