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If an opponent hesitates, it is perfectly proper to draw conclusions but you do so at your own risk.
Any columnist or opponent of the president will use it to poke fun at him.
Historically, scoring for tournaments was based largely on if a knight could break his spear on his opponent.
Most such conflicts end with a third party intervening, usually in favor of one opponent.
Her opponent proposed a rematch, and repeated games led to chatting about their personal lives.
Bereft of leverage, it can be pushed back to its bottom line by a clever opponent.
The object is to move more beads into your goal than your opponent moves into his or hers.
People try harder to beat a weakling than to topple a higher-ranked opponent.
But for me, gaining a lifelong, live-in opponent was the icing on the wedding cake.
The trick is trying to guess what your opponent is going to do.
He has campaigned with more style, intelligence and discipline than his opponent.
Let us get on to the problem of programming a computer to play checkers against an opponent.
The chess game offers a computer-controlled opponent with three skill levels.
Meanwhile, your political opponent will hammer you with negative ads about how you freed rapists.
Many territorial battles are fought w/ tails to smack the opponent.
Players determine whether an opponent is within a few hundred yards of them, then fire messages the opponent's way.
Now science faces their toughest opponent yet, an ignorant population.
Each player determines in which playing area his opponent may play.
In this way, they appear to be right, knowing their opponent cannot release the full side of their story.
Revealing a hidden fact late in a campaign is a common ploy to damage an opponent beyond recovery before an election.
Acceleration can make you a winner, even if your opponent can ultimately run faster than you.
Once you try to make your opponent look bad, it means your argument is over, and that you have nothing else to argue with.
Religion is the main opponent of population control.
Attacking with gusto is not a sure thing either against a wily opponent.
IF you have not won in the opening and or the middle game, it is time to serve your opponent an end game.
Then, paint your opponent as having an extreme position.
My opponent points to the book publishing industry as an illustration of the effectiveness of the copyright system.
Players take turns dropping more and more tokens on a grid, trying to box in their opponent.
Then your opponent uses a little catapult to fling little plastic birds at the structure, scoring points for knocking it down.
There is a question at the top, then before your opponent you have to click on the picture that represents the answer.
Avoid disagreeing over the trivial parts of your opponent's position, and instead focus on the telling points.
Recall that the lawyer's answer to a survey question about the ongoing case could be discoverable by an opponent.
To take unfair advantage of an opponent is not cricket.
Why he was so called was because he used to go over his opponent even as a wain would go over withered sticks.
When fear is the opponent, science doesn't stand a chance.
The underdog creams a top-ranked opponent-and the crowd goes wild.
To debate intelligently, it should be your goal to bring your opponent's blood pressure down, instead of raising it.
But in the second game, which ended in the draw, the program made an error that briefly gave its human opponent an advantage.
His opponent comes nowhere close to making such music.
Foxy even in his nonage, he first demanded a look at the prospective opponent in the ring.
And it is not cowardice to debate your opponent and try to persuade the world to follow you by speaking your values.
Ledger's jousting lance breaks against his opponent's breastplate right on cue.
Adults' facial reactions discriminated between stimuli with opponent valences.
Your opponent is really good and potentially dangerous.
But finding an able opponent for the dino may not be easy.
Her opponent wasn't much better, except that he wasn't her.
It's a great way to make your opponent look ignorant, but it doesn't advance the debate.
The wind is as much the opponent as the other cyclists.
If this is not accepted, the marker may become a missile, to be hurled off the board or even at the winning opponent.
And always their second aim was to shell that opponent until he dropped his arms and took to ignominious flight.
It's always better in these debates to be conciliatory to your opponent.
Moreover, each is dependent on the other, because each imagines the other as their opponent.
The defensiveness will cement her sudden conversion into a fierce opponent of nuclear power.
The burden of a tariff is easy to explain to the electorate: my opponent wants you to pay more for your milk and cars.
If tackled by a football player, they fall realistically-possibly even clinging to their opponent.
My opponent's solution to maintain quality in higher education is yet higher taxes on the general population.
So instead of needing to beat an opponent once to earn a point, a team would need to beat its opponent twice.
The place was packed, the atmosphere electric, the opponent determined.
They have beaten only one opponent within the division all season.
He glared at his opponent, bounding toward him from the far side of the ring, his breathing already heavy.
His opponent has a far less impressive background and has appeared out of his depth in campaign appearances.
He started out as an aggressive debater, prone to attacking his opponent, according to a review of transcripts of his debates.
One glimpse at her opponent during that changeover showed how badly things were going.
His opponent hailed from a formidable political family.
Moments later, he drains a fadeaway jumper with an opponent dead in his face.
Whoever makes his opponent touch his elbow or leg to the ground wins.
Do not seek to humiliate the opponent but call forth the good in the opponent.

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