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In my humble opinion, vanilla is going to be the real winner.
Contrary to popular opinion, cheese and wine aren't an easy match.
It is a good exercise to try for once in a way to express any opinion one holds in words of one syllable.
Nature, habit, opinion have drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.
It marries old opinion to new fact so as ever to show a minimum of jolt, a maximum of continuity.
The offender may then be justly punished by opinion, though not by law.
The sensitiveness to foreign opinion which had been the marked feature of our mental condition before the war had disappeared.
Imitators are a slavish herd and fools in my opinion.
Each link takes you to the newspaper's opinion site.
The best scientific opinion says any amount of exposure is dangerous and more exposure is more dangerous.
In my opinion the number of people is only a part of the sustainable equation, but more about that later.
Not really, in my opinion highly advanced science of technical architecture.
How long it would be for subjects to adjust in my opinion it could improve mental functions.
Is what you wrote mostly about your opinion and not the truth.
One opinion after the next, with no citation to his sources.
The following quote sums up my opinion on the matter.
In my opinion, politics should not even be mentioned during the games.
Wow, the divergence of opinion is really intriguing.
Read the reviews, then head to the forums to voice your opinion.
We are expecting an opinion on this matter by the end of the month.
Education reform is top on the government's agenda, and nearly everyone has an opinion on how to solve the learning lag.
Over time, the disparate group seemed to lose focus and experienced a drop in public opinion polls.
Public opinion is already overwhelmingly in favor of a balanced approach.
Making chips smaller is no longer a priority, in my opinion.
Current flex vehicles are a joke in my humble opinion.
In my opinion, a few key technology advancements are needed to make algae feasible, although they are not huge hurdles.
And, don't worry about regulation either, because the government is reactionary and will side with the public opinion.
Government has already overstepped their boundaries into our personal lives, in my opinion.
The technology sounds interesting but the article is a little misguided in my humble opinion.
The opinion is who would think you would use this method in today's world.
The benefits from sequencing the genome have been vastly over hyped in my opinion.
Moreover, contrary to popular opinion, heart disease is not an easy way to go.
Your comment was not particularly useful and, believe me, your personal opinion isn't worth a penny.
There are a lot of good points in the comments here, but a key point has been missed in my opinion.
In my opinion, if they are subsidized, they are making money.
As for your torrent of words if it doesn't reduce to mathematics it is only opinion.
In my opinion this still represents an advance in prosthetic hands.
My guess is that once the shift in public opinion became unmistakable, a stubborn pride kept him from switching.
Others may view up to six articles and/or fifty opinion pieces each month for free before being asked to subscribe.
We're looking for your innovative ideas, informed opinion and first-hand experience.
My opinion is well thought out, is based on logic and what science has taught me to this point.
But public-opinion research suggests that consumers may reject clone-derived food.
The determination of when a human life begins is a semantic opinion, based on culture.
The fact that you find this situation comment-worthy is actually misguided in my opinion.
The simple fact that there is a consensus, in my opinion, points to the possibility of ulterior motives.
The critical thing is that an outside opinion doesn't need to be an opposing one.
Eliza is in the place to offer this choice because of her ability to control opinion and information.
But the ways in which many people attacked him were, in my opinion, unfair.
Using the correct metaphor to get people to agree with your opinion.
They had a low opinion of almost everyone in the neighborhood.
Even when the army began beating them and breaking their tents the following day, opinion was divided.
The former may well turn out to be true, but in my opinion the latter would be a much more interesting conclusion.
The implications of such a wide divergence of opinion are frightening.
Until now, the movement has seemed protected by public opinion.
Vacated and remanded in part and affirmed in part by published opinion.
People seem to be lying to the opinion polls, as well.
In the studio after the show, he is asking me my opinion on things.
My job isn't to give an opinion but to try and explain what's happening.
If you want my opinion, our old district was a lot better off when the crowned heads of the world were busy neglecting it.
She has since taken pains to escape the harsh glare of public opinion.
The art form evolved as a perfect way to communicate almost any opinion or emotion in a trenchant, poignant or humorous way.

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