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We conclude that the initiation of large-scale operational weather modification programs would be premature.
Forward-thinking initiatives here also include operational biogas plants fueled by sewage treatment facilities.
The ship's water pump was non-operational at the time, resulting in the capsizing of the ship.
It's unlikely that universities would look to the business world as an operational model to emulate, but they should.
Committees can become too large and unfocused, and lose track of their operational and fiduciary responsibilities.
Ensures operational costs are in line with relevant budgetary controls.
Must demonstrate excellent organizational, communication and operational management skills.
The benefit of such an approach can be far more than operational cost savings.
Language learning is thus much more than becoming operational in an environment different than one's own.
Requiring a match, preferably out of operational funds, may help.
It is not uncommon, for example, for administrators to be in direct contact with board members about operational decision-making.
First, it is necessary to provide an operational definition of what is meant by narcissism.
In response many universities have squeezed operational and human resources to the point of optimal efficiency.
They are the primary source of operational support for all the vital activities that take place on a college campus.
In addition, operational changes to ensure effectiveness and efficiency occur at glacial speed.
The consultants will help with short-term strategies, governance, and operational audits.
There is confusion between the market of the citations and the operational scientific impact of research.
Sometimes intelligence needs to be developed rapidly, to get inside the enemy's operational loop.
But the consequences of breaking this operational security are dire.
It's similar to the concept of operational readiness.
Of the set of five wall switches, one alone was operational, producing a thin subaqueous light.
It was the first operational jet with enough thrust to actually accelerate in a vertical climb.
None of the reports have information on operational details or the purpose of such meetings.
It consisted of six bomber groups that were evolving toward operational autonomy.
But even with that concentrated effort, it has been difficult to reach operational consensus.
Most operational spacecraft use protective shielding to mitigate the impact of objects less than one centimeter in diameter.
Large scale operational costs probably be in a range of couple dollars annually.
The entire operational concept of our government is in error.
What's lacking in this article are some key points on operational aspects of rails.
It's always best to define a topic clearly in operational terms before doing research.
Products have improved as well as applications and operational best practices.
She says that she's worried about logistical and operational problems, such as the even distribution of vehicles.
Any of these could effectively replace combustion fuel, if the capital and operational costs were lower.
Bag matching could be a powerful deterrent but could prove to be an operational nightmare.
The constant exposure of the cells to sunlight and high operational temperature accelerate the degradation.
The engineers developed modeling software to manage such critical operational concerns as overall system pressure.
Remember, this is all for a vehicle that's had no operational testing.
Blogs can also yield information that threatens national or operational security.
The consumer version also lacks a camera, which the research version includes for tele-operational purposes.
And when it comes to operational efficiency, there is no contest at all.
First, he sought to translate fuzzy notions of free will into a concrete operational definition.
Commissioning is the last milestone before the mission becomes operational and starts delivering usable data.
One caveat is the appliances must be operational, even if not working at full capacity.
At a launch ceremony all the talk was of engineering and operational prowess.
The central bank faces no operational constraints in its policy.
Many platforms are reaching the end of their operational lives, and are starting to be decommissioned.
In addition, debt was credited with operational benefits.
But in practice the heads of operational units will favour the known over the unknown.
The mixture of operational modes that differed between the two was unsustainable.
In addition to trails, five parks offer equestrian campsites and seven have fully operational saddle barns.
Higher-efficiency engines may or may not pay back their development and manufacturing costs with operational savings.
It is a tighter category and contains an operational and structural component.
If left this way, though, a warhead can easily be made operational again.
They give a more practical, operational answer: for them a real straight line is defined by a laser beam.
Any operational vehicle would be capable of operating in either ramjet or scramjet mode.
Models are instead used to examine the operational nature of a system, not provide on-the-spot predictions of numerical values.
My high school spends slightly more in instructional and operational expenses per student.
Operational plans should flow logically from the strategic plan.
There have been instances in the past of the groups' establishing joint operational cells.
There are plenty of bright operational, financial, and legal executives.
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