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For instance, many surgical devices may be removed from packaging, but not used in an operation.
The natural movement and silent operation will hopefully make it undetectable.
It was, in the annals of terrorism, an exquisitely choreographed operation.
About two months ago he had an infection and this involved an operation and hospital stay.
Party spokesmen refuse to describe her illness, apart from saying that she left intensive care after an operation.
Scene from footage of a drug smuggling operation in a parking lot.
Here are a few pictures of the test kitchen in operation.
The operation itself was the culmination of years of careful and highly advanced intelligence work.
Develops processes and procedures for operation of grant in compliance with terms of grant.
The plane could potentially be ready within two years and ready for operation in three.
The biggest causes are the operation of fossil fuel-burning power plants and automobiles that combust fuel.
Our tipsters have sent us a copy of the military's logo for last week's satellite-shooting operation.
Jobs was urged to undergo an operation to remove it.
Significant experience in large-scale sound system design, installation and operation preferred.
Some of the skulls had been perforated more than once, including one individual who had undergone the operation seven times.
Molecular biology has been largely a reductive science that deduces the operation of living systems by breaking them apart.
The operation is a success, but the patient dies after complications set in.
Adding more garages makes the operation harder to run and raises the permit prices.
Proper camera operation cannot be guaranteed when using other cards.
He may even have rehearsed the operation in cyberspace before the incision was made.
Doctors examine her to see if she should undergo an operation.
Operation can change from hydrogen to gasoline when no hydrogen pump is on the road.
Since it had room onboard to accommodate all of the survivors, it would end up coordinating the rescue operation.
In fact, from an engineering perspective, it would be irresponsible not to test the machine at a lower level of operation.
Modern medical devices rely on software for almost every aspect of their operation.
The operation almost completely wiped out the locusts overnight.
But a mining operation has cavers and residents concerned.
The addition of more complex power cycles would reduce this requirement and help enable frost free operation.
Police say they caught the pair in a sting operation as they tried to sell equipment to a computer-store owner.
Others work for food, and the chance of a playful tug-of-war after a successful operation.
Simply slowing the rotation or cooling the gear would return it to normal operation.
Instead, they ask as if their operation had no room for improvement.
Early phases of today's operation went according to plan.
Every operation starts with a cut and ends when the incision is closed.
Battery exchange stations are already in operation in some countries.
Few campuses are willing to spend much of their own money to subsidize an off-campus operation.
And why they investigate the operation and design of biological systems, and apply their discoveries to new technology.
So this operation is important for the future survival of this species.
Get that operation if that's what it takes to keep you out of the vicious cycle of inactivity.
Now only limited number of aqua farms are in operation.
And you have to be careful not to lose water in the operation.
The military dictatorship is really nothing but a criminal operation.
Customers put together their own meals in a continuous, moving operation.
They were allowed to travel the racing circuit, and some even managed their owners' racing operation.
The term hoax is too weak for such a propaganda operation.
She had an operation to remove lesions from her uterus and kidney, followed by a long recovery.
It takes an external application to examine the operation of the computer.
He wrote no new songs in the six years that followed the operation.
It must be built and in existence when the emergency arises which calls for its use and operation.
As an opiate, or spirituous liquors, shall suspend the operation of grief-Burke.
In operation it would do far more damage than it could remedy.
The researchers examined the hearts of mice at various time points after the operation.
Right now, the robot isn't exactly ready for any operation that is time sensitive.
They told her she needed a second operation to remove the tissue destroyed by the infection.
Not so many large users in operation to my findings.
The more steps in the operation, the more likely something is to go awry and get noticed.
These systems are only a software upgrade away from fully self-sufficient operation.
To do that, they need her to be conscious and responsive through the beginning of the operation process.
The operation is guided by a couple of workers using ropes attached to the pulleys.
They turned him down, and things have continued to grow, even though until recently it's been a low-key operation.
It not only has the town's best smoked trout and whitefish fillets but is also an authentic fishing operation.
Osborn shows off his entire operation, from grafting to bottling.
Soon a team of government agents appeared to direct a complete cleanup-and cover-up-operation.
Here, co-operation is a matter of wary judgment, not absolutes.
They will sign agreements on scientific co-operation and the cross-recognition of patents.
Others had to decide where to locate a new operation.
For example, a company may simply decide to move its local customer services operation to one of its own subsidiaries abroad.
For months, the neurosurgeons had planned this operation using a new generation of virtual reality anatomical models.
Valuable orbits are peppered with debris that threatens the operation of satellites and the lives of astronauts.
Their whole existence is centered on the training of astronauts and the operation of manned missions.
It has been activated only once, to perform a relatively mundane spamming operation-enough to demonstrate that it is not benign.
She too was missing the point, looking for a lobbying operation while watching a street demonstration.
They are made of aluminum and act as heat-sinks, encouraging airflow to keep the bulbs cool during operation.
Interns work year-round on a variety of editorial and promotional projects and are essential to the magazine's operation.
Today, few consider the global war on terror to have been a success, either as a conceptual framing device or as an operation.
It's the kind of operation you probably once dreamed of building in your parents' garage.
In any operation, what you have to do is to persuade the patient to grant access to the patient's energy.
In kicking, though the whole operation is a team effort, the credit or blame almost always goes to the kicker.
Antonia lies unconscious in the hospital, recovering from an operation.
In operation, the salty water flows between paired sheets of aerogel.
In ordinary operation, the generator cycles on and off, keeping the battery at an optimal state of charge.
These are critical to the aircraft operation economy.
Here's a video of the switching station in operation.
The first commercial cellulosic ethanol plants could also start operation this year.
Once the ice is melted, the air conditioner returns to normal operation.
Deciding if the operation on one computer needs the servers and other computers processing power.
Operation was a success, but my vision in that eye is still impaired.
Yes, but swapping out a pacemaker is an invasive and somewhat dangerous operation.
But this doesn't discount empirical observation or operation.
What the world needs right now is a rescue operation.
Then they produced silicon logic chips, which direct a computer's operation.
Each of those proteins represents the operation of the brain network that synthesized it.
Good equipment still needs good setup and good operation which require skill and experience.
The last three patients to go through the operation are described in the group's new paper.
What they could do is support another flag planting operation.
They had a control group that went through the operation, incision and all but not the final critical step.
These companies and individuals should be sued out of operation.
These are genuine memories from a patient who regained awareness during an operation.
The overwhelming complexity of the operation is a testament to the progress medicine has made.
And while climatology as a whole is extremely complex, the existence and operation of the greenhouse effect is well-known physics.
So would the ability to influence the healing and/or improved operation of our bodies and minds.
Phil: there are strong economies of scale in the manufacture and operation of launchers.
The ferry operation is their only source of income beyond government handouts.
We don't solve a crime every week, or perform an operation.
Come what may, this was going to be a competent operation.
Donating a kidney means undergoing an operation that carries some risk.
The operation will only work, however, if the pumps were not too damaged by the earthquake.
The operation permit typically covers all polluting equipment and activities within a facility.

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