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Researchers liken that step to rebooting a computer, because a genome is akin an operating system that makes a cell function.
Worldwide popularity is in fact the sole downside of operating an icon.
The guys operating these forklifts are critical members of the building team.
He moved about the field in which he was operating to see through his own eyes the situation.
The home also features unique architectural details including an underground cave and operating observatory.
The air conditioning, the elevators and the phones were operating erratically.
In the corner of the dimly lit room, in the only operating chamber, a single bat survives-but it won't live much longer.
Beneath the fancy operating system on your computer, there is another operating system.
State operating support for all education sectors is predicted by respondents to decline next year.
The successful candidate will have both executive leadership and direct operating responsibilities.
He is now the university's executive vice president and chief operating officer.
In composition, writing groups are standard operating procedure.
Certainly, its intellectual underpinnings and signature method of operating are easier to identify than its goals.
The financial challenges of operating a study-abroad program differ from one college to another.
Many universities used the federal money to plug gaps in their operating budgets.
When you travel for business or pleasure, it helps to familiarize yourself with the standard operating procedures of hotels.
Everything has been operating on an emergency basis for more than two years, with no end to the emergency in sight.
Federal operating costs would be reduced, federal salary increases would be limited, federal hiring would be restricted.
Mysterious and possibly nefarious trading algorithms are operating every minute of every day in the nation's stock exchanges.
And almost none of them would win a vote--that is, be deemed to be properly organized and operating well--by a large margin.
The stock of the operating utility or railroad was held by a holding company.
It was the entire structure that they were operating in that was failing them.
The sense of futility will ride you often and this is not too bad, for usually it means a requisite humility is operating.
The federal prison system and thirty-eight state prison systems are now operating above their rated capacity.
Next year they may suffer some cut to their operating budget.
But from the earliest days of operating my bird garden, scrub jays have expressed a preference for unshelled, unsalted peanuts.
The crazed animal only had one brain loop operating at that moment.
Look over your heating and cooling system to ensure that it is operating at its highest efficiency level.
Cars and trucks have a small, rugged box of electronics that can reveal how the vehicle was operating before a crash.
Not only did the fuel in the operating reactors begin to melt down, but so did spent fuel stored in nearby pools.
See a video of the monkey operating the robot arm at the end of this article.
So it would require a redesign of the operating system to coordinate this instantaneous waking and sleeping.
Ordinary air also works, albeit at a higher operating voltage.
Anything that can green up the operating efficiencies of new shipping by double-digit percentages would be a notable contribution.
Hopefully they will bridge the gap between different operating systems next.
All you need is an athlete chewing candy operating a treadmill powered generator.
The disaster knocked out emergency generators designed to back up systems that cooled the plant's three operating reactors.
In particular, there is a distinction between operating and net profits.
Even if they stop servicing their debt, they must try to meet what operating costs they can with cash flow.
It would be a global, open operating system for the wireless future.
We have several competing mobile operating systems, a wealth of apps, and long lists of successes and failures.
For the past couple of them, my performance in the operating room has reached a plateau.
There was a slight smell of burning in the bright, noisy operating room.
Eventually there were sixteen radon-therapy mines operating within a thirty-mile radius.
The writer's job was to hold the suction wand that pulled the blood out of the operating field.
Her difficulty was operating her car while the writer's difficulty was finding licensed drivers to ride with her.
In the top right hand corner of the screen, the version of your current operating system will be displayed.
Until recently, newspapers were accustomed to operating as high-margin monopolies.
Standard operating procedure, it seemed, no longer applied.
There were exhibits of new mechanical devices used in farming, including a mechanized veterinarian's operating table.
It has up to now been a question in this country of operating at the extremes.
Hedge and private equity funds are active, operating in large part on borrowed funds.
Across a normally busy dial, there were only three operating stations.
None of the twenty militant commanders operating there has been killed or captured.
Bok paints a picture of colleges that, if not dysfunctional, are operating far below capacity.
But five improvised operating rooms had been running around the clock, staffed by volunteers from all over the world.
Perhaps the biggest news of all in trauma medicine, however, does not relate to heroics in the operating theater.
Moreover, prospective patients often had to be dragged to an operating room or clinic.
Thirty years ago that sign would have led a patient straight to the operating room.
Before long the low-ranking specialists stopped operating the machine.
Moreover, our operating room could not handle major vascular surgery.
The catch is that right now only fleet-operating companies that have natural-gas depots will be able to fuel it.
Hundreds of similar devices are already operating around the globe.
But once it is built, the operating cost would be dollars per kilogram to put something into orbit.
It will employ four satellites operating in tandem as one enormous telescope.
In the operating room, he cut into the fascia, the tough wrapping of the forearm muscles.
It involves the familiar principles of natural selection operating on animal behavior.
They thought the whole idea of a safe operating space for civilization was meaningless from the start.
The unusual study took advantage of a common operating room practice.
Many a tech enthusiast has said so, bemoaning the fact that the operating system never really got a fair chance in the market.
Many of these drivers are written by third-party vendors, and do not undergo the same level of testing as the operating system.
The capabilities-based system has the advantage of being enforced by the operating system.
The companies operating such spacecraft could also use them to serve other customers as well.
Smashing the window with a golf club isn't going to get the job done-it's time to put big government on the operating table.
If by lovable you mean slightly uninformed and maybe operating on fear.
Committed to a form of transparency that verges on anarchy, and operating on the sly and on the fly, it is inherently unstable.
But you could see here a preview of what became their standard operating procedure.
At the time, few aid organizations were operating there, because it was simply too violent.
Hypnosis as an alternative to sedation is making a comeback in the operating room.
Now he's the famous football star who pled guilty to operating an interstate dog-fighting ring.

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